Y'all....I have been trying to write this post for a week now....but Lord the week before Thanksgiving was packed with deliveries...and it about broke me:)

There were days when I really wanted to get my workout in and then I had to leave....with no shower....to get everything done.....ugh!

Sometimes you have to do what it takes and you just don't want to disappoint anyone.  

BUT.....I did get invited to the 2021 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS SHOWHOUSE  preview and of course I did take a shower and clean myself up for that!

Let me share some of my favorite spaces and moments with you....might want to get a glass of wine or coffee depending on when you are reading this:)

This home is located in Buckhead with a little over 11,000 square feet.
You can find more info here

The first room I saw when I walked in was the dining room with these incredible dark walls....

Yes.....I was all in with this space!  Love the plates on the wall.....I think that is a look that will always be relevant in my opinion.

Across from the DR was the LR and it was very sophisticated and extremely curated.  My fav style!

That fireplace mantel gave me goose bumps....so pretty!

Just stunning.

It was really hard to get a picture of the LR....there was a huge tree but I got a few shots.

These chairs below had me at pink and chinoiserie:)

Aren't they just so interesting?  I love an unusual chair and these fit the bill!

I had a hard time getting good pictures as it was very sunny that day and you could land a plane in there with every dang light on.

Take my word....it was stunning!

There were 2 bedrooms on the main level...a guest room and the master.  I like that idea....you don't ever have to go upstairs right?

This bedroom was very pretty done in fresh greens....

With a pretty chandelier....

And cookies!  I stayed in that room for a good while stuffing my face!

The bathroom below had the most incredible light fixture....I really loved it!

The powder room below.....

That sink and those floors!

I wish I had gotten better pictures of this master bedroom.....trust me when I say it was so warm and cozy and the color on the walls was stunning!

I hate to sound like a broken record but give me a cute unusual chair every day of the week!

Cute pink and green room with the prettiest Christmas tree in it!

This was an office and those chairs.....were jaw dropping!

One more bedroom.....

Very cool....and again....curated.  Everything had that "found" look which I love!

Pretty place setting......

This was a back hallway that was such a pretty moment!

The crappy iPhone pictures were mine and the ones that were a 100 xs better were taken by David Christensen

Remember....these designers work so hard putting these spaces together.  I can not even imaging trying to do it this year with the supply chain problems.

I think the stress would have made me crazy:)

So if you go HERE there is a list of sources!

And a list of all the talented designers can be found HERE

If you want to see more try looking on the designers instagram page.

Also it is open Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday through December 12th.
There are all kinds of events so go HERE to see a list!

Y'all.....Thanksgiving was hard.  There was about 11 of us and I know everyone felt the absence of Nancy.
It just sucked.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and more gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Thought about you on Thanksgiving and was sending good thoughts your way. Cami and you have each other and that is a lot to be happy and thankful about.

debra @ 5th and state said...

lucky us, that you were invited! gorgeous and much to swoon over.
what a talented group, thanks friend

sorry thanksgiving sucked, the first holidays always do.

big hugs

Jen said...

What a fabulous home!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Not gonna lie, holidays are hard. Prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the chandlers and I found the chair that resembled a peacock most interesting.

When holidays come along after a loved one passes it just feels that even with a large group of people that you know someone is missing. It's so difficult the first year especially when it's someone so close to you.

auntp said...

It's wonderful to see a new home filled with interesting pieces and something besides neutral tones. The colors used are lovely, and the home has a cozy vibe even though it's huge!

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh my goodness! I have no time and I couldn't resist. That stunning entry, the dining room, the living room, the little girls room...can't wait to see more!

barbara said...

Well, this was worth the shower!

I have to hand it to the person who did the pink chinoiserie COM. The placement of the pattern is spot on, that couldn't have been easy- I too love a quirky chair

Agree on getting a show home (or any home) done in these difficult supply chain times. They pulled off a miracle

Glad you had some loved ones to spend the holiday with, sorry your sweet Nancy wasn't there.

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