Here's the thing...I wrote this one Monday and totally forgot to post yesterday.  I guess it's brain is going.

I know I just did a "this and that" post but....this one is more of a "what I've been up to" post.

What a great relaxing few days.....we had friends come in from out of town....ha ha.... they live about 25 miles away but we had a party with some mutual friends and they did not want to drive back and forth.  

I am sure you might have heard about a little 10K race here in Atlanta called the Peachtree Road Race.

Well I did not partake in it but my friend did so his wife and I went up to the start to watch with Cami.

As we were walking up to the corner a policeman pulled up to pet my girl....he was a dog lover [even knew what kind of dog she was!] and pulled out some sweet.  That little delay caused us to miss seeing him run by but we knew that this was more important!

We walked the long way back thru my neighborhood to the my house and put in a total of  2 miles.

Then we decided to walk to our friends house 3 miles away to meet her husband [they live near Piedmont Park which is where the race ends].

If you are keeping track we are at 5 miles now!

I love this hydrangea tree....must get one before I die:)

They have a cat on a to me :)

Then we walked back!  Uh huh.  Total of 8.7 miles for the day.  Oh yeah by the way it was about 94 degrees.

That day [the 4th] we had the party at friends around 5.

So much fun!

They stayed until Sat afternoon....we were deep into watching The Good Fight on CBS All Access.  It is one of the best shows....the writing is top notch.

We had lunch at a new place called Little Rays [a Ford Fry restaurant].

I love this hand painted floor.....

If you are local give it a try!

Let's see what else.....
Before all of the above I was over at ADAC on Tuesday with a friend and we strolled into Romo Atlanta to check out some new fabrics.

These are all by Villa Nova and so cute!

Some of them come in wallpaper....

It's such a cute collection for kids!

Speaking of fabrics....Harbor Theory reached out to me about their fabrics and sent me some samples....check them out below...

Cuteness right?

I also fell in love with this fabric combo...who's in?  Call me and this can be your room....hahaha.
Save me from spending my money on all of these!

The last thing I will leave you with is this....
My friend Pam Sessions [who is Hedgewood Homes] completed the pool at Manchester Homes and I am in love with I now need these floors on my patio [ the heavy equipment we have earth to move].

We could also throw in an oval window or 2.

It's market week in Atlanta so hopefully I will have pics of all the good stuff I see!


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Maureen said...

Love the fabric combos! Do you have the name the black and tan tweed (zinc textiles)? I'd love it for a reupholstery project!

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