Man.....this wedding stuff is a lot of work!  Let me spell it out for you.....My sister has one daughter and she is a type A+.  Girl has a notebook the size of War and Peace and is handling EVERY detail like it was her job!

As I said my baby sister is doing a Thursday night cocktail party and I am doing a brunch on Sunday.  And believe me it is all organized [meaning HER part of the events]........Of course I am still running around trying to get a door painted and my house power washed, windows cleaned and yard work done with 15 days to go.

If only I was organized......sigh.

I am also in charge of the welcome table at the wedding so yesterday my sister and I did a mock up on my kitchen counter....It's a 7 ft table.

She wanted it to be black and white and vintage silver....check.  I am going to use some black and white fabric and tie some black ribbons around the books.....

Guess who is in charge of polishing all the silver....I don't think I have to spell it out for ya.

Oh yeah and my client is having a party on the 6th so there's that....

Sherika on overload.

Have you guys ever been to At Home?  I took a ride out there on Sunday to see if there was anything I needed for the welcome table.

I would say 85% of is junk....but....there were some good things and if you needed a few accessories you could get lucky!

A boatload of vases and small accessories....

The raw wood bowls and the pottery looking bowls caught my eye!

These iron candlesticks were really tall....[you know how I love my Crate and Barrel ones that aren't available anymore]

I did find some good pillows which was surprising....don't get me wrong you have to look hard.  I would say this place is like HomeGoods but on Steroids!!

Large white concrete looking was big!

I saw these headboards there but didn't get a picture so I pulled from the website.

And here are a couple of nightstands I also saw...

Y'all this place is the size of a Costco....and there were 50-60% off signs everywhere you looked.

The only thing I bought?

A broom.

I know....that's weird.

So I don't have to tell you what I am doing this weekend.....still no shoes for my wedding outfit.  I need comfort and pretty....think my lace sneakers will work?


5 comments said...

Completely agree with you about At Home. I walked out of there with zero items.

Gail Storti said...

Your niece has nothing to worry about with Auntie Sherry in charge of the welcome table, I have no doubt it will be gorgeous! As will the Sunday brunch! Hope you’ll share pics of the beautiful affair! Ive never heard of At Home, maybe because the closest one is about an hour away on a good traffic day. Loved some of the things you shared but from the sounds of it, I think I’ll stick to my fav, Home Goods! Have a wonderful wedding weekend!

therelishedroost said...

I am not sure if we have one in Jersey I have to look that up!

Kathleen Stover said...

I like it.
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Ernest Borquez said...

great. i like it.

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