Sorry no post yesterday.....I just got back from Boulder previewing another property which I am pretty excited about!  I think I say that every time but seriously what is more fun than renovating a house then decorating it?  

Nothing in my world....haha.

This is gonna be another good before and after!

I left early in the morning and here's a pic of Cami saying goodbye :)

My #ootd for travel.  This Madewell duster I bought about 2 years ago is always on heavy rotation....but it's so perfect.
I wish they would come out with it in another color!

And of course everyones garage looks like this with a gazillion bikes :)

AND.....this is so Boulder.....right!
We walked my grandbabies.....

Had a great meal at Arcana.

Spent Monday at the Bolder Boulder which is the second largest 10K in the country.
It was so much fun that I put it on my calendar for next year!

Cari's company Compass Real Estate was sponsor!

I read this book on the plane....

It was sobering.  Suicide rates among young adults 15-24 has tippled since the 1950's.  There are 1,100 college deaths a year.  

The beginning of my inspiration for the kitchen....the green island mixed with white and gold!

Last up is that many of you could not find the wicker chairs of my ORC.

I got them on the Walmart site here but it looks like they are out of stock.

They are by Jeffan and if you google East At Main's Lyndon Rattan Accent chair....

You could probably find them maybe at another site.

And before I left I had this pretty $9.00 frame at a thrift store....

Which I actually got for $8.10  I took it apart and carefully ripped off the burgundy mat underneath.


I think that is all I have today.  Stay tuned on Friday for the rest of the Southeastern Showhouse pictures!

Shortest post in my history:)

Headed to workout....



Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, love your travel outfit! Could you share where you found the fabulous necklace! I NEED THAT!
Happy Thursday

Out & Out Discount Codes said...

Sherry, the outfit is simply amazing! You look so beautiful in that, would you please let me know where I can buy the complete outfit? I'd really appreciate your help!

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