OK....we have discussed the office for my One Room Challenge.....let's move to the other room I added on....the dining room.

I will show you the way way before...

Yup this was quite a while back.....notice the chairs and table because they don't change

About 4 years ago when I did her family room for the One Room Challenge I actually had the dining room along with the living room painted. was a glaze that I did for her 20 years ago....don't laugh because I am sure some time in your design journey you might have had this look also!

So then at least it was just white but still needed a lot of work.

I knew I wanted wallpaper but felt that floor to ceiling would be too much.  Adding some vertical shiplap was the answer.  To keep expenses down we used MDF.  That way we did not have to take down all of the window and door casings.

My sweet contractor gave me a day of labor and seriously that is all it took.  Plus he donated the goods.

Back to the wallpaper....which if you remember I started out selecting a brown grasscloth.   But then...I had an ah ha moment and decided what would Mark Sikes do????

Something pretty!

One of the sponsors Pacific Designs had this pretty paper which I thought would be perfect!


I ordered it even though I did not have a sample!  It has a huge repeat but my wallpaper gal helped me figure out the best way to hang it.  She only charged me 150.00 [It would normally have cost me about 500.00]

I was now falling in love with this space!!

The next thing to address was the chandelier and thank goodness Hudson Valley Lighting was a sponsor!  And Mark Sikes had just debuted a collection for them!

I couldn't order this bad boy fast enough!  

And the one window in the space.....

These were ready mades [2 panels that I had in my stash] which I had pinched.  I also had the shade left over so we were winning here....

One of the first things I bought was this vintage bar.  
It was 89.00 and I wasn't sure where it was going but knew it fit in with my plan.  At the very least I would put it in my house:)

Since it is a small dining room [about 11 x 12] it turned out to be the perfect addition.

The last piece of the puzzle was the rug and y'all it arrived one week before photos!

Loloi was the sponsor and it took me forever to find one in stock....on the list....wool....and the right size!  I think the rep was definitely SICK of me in the end:)

Why wool?  Easy to clean.

The seat cushions were in need of a makeover....not only fabric [from Lewis Textiles in Atlanta] but the actual cushion itself.  My other sister paid for them as her contribution but I think they were about 45.00 each.

This NDI faux arrangement was a wonderful addition because as you don't last forever and this way you always come into a pretty room!

Here is another view....
Looking in from the office....

I love how it all came together.
Bar: 89.00
3 pieces of blue porcelain: 45.00
Rug pad: 75.00
Chair fabric: 120.00
Hang chandelier: 100.00
Pleat the curtains: 50.00
Hang wallpaper: 150.00

Total 629.00 

Somebody asked me about the sconces in the office....saying she did not see them before but that is because one of them had fallen down a while ago!

Also someone else asked about the computer....yes we upgraded to a laptop to eliminate all of those cords!

And that's it.  Next the living room....which was supposed to be the only room:)

Hope you have a great weekend!

My plans?  Oh I don't know....clean out a closet or 2....that is always on my agenda but actually at the very bottom so it always seems to get moved to the next weekend....and the next...and the next:)



LRae said...

I'm intrigued by the idea having drapes pinched. Are you saying you took store bought curtains to a workroom and they sewed in the pleats? Is this something you think any workroom would do? Your room is gorgeous. Love that wallpaper!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I have a plan. Wouldn't you love to take a little vacay to California? You could come fix my house! You seriously are a genius Sherry. I am in constant awe of you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the antique rattan barcart?

Linda said...

Can't believe the table and chairs stayed the same, yet the room looks so different. And you make it look so simple! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

The room is wonderful, thanks for sharing. What a lucky sister, and i’m sure you feel fortunate to have her also. Like a follower above, i am i terested in pleating panels. Can you share how?

Laura | Everyday Edits said...

Perfect before and after! laura

Peggy Mae said...

I love my flowers from NDI that sit on my dining room table too. visitors always remark how pretty they are and think they are real. I have had mine at least 10 years now.

dezmark said...

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