Hope y'all enjoyed the tour of the showhouse!  I have part 2 coming up but first ....while it's fresh in my mind I thought I would share the details of my One Room Challenge living room.

Do I even need to share a before?  Let's not sugar coat bad.

This is way back with yellowish walls and red silk curtains.  Sofa on an angle....WTH right?  It was the early 90's so there!

Then we did have it painted about 4 years ago and took those curtains down!

Not sure why that chair is in the corner but I think it's right after the painting and the furniture wasn't put back properly!  HA.....  like that would matter:)

You know my inspiration was Mark Sikes.....and I  did not want to do black and white.....that is what y'all would predict from me :)  So sticking with neutrals but adding in a little blue!

Who am I?

The first thing was to figure out a plan....the main things that had to be addressed early on were curtains and getting the sofa recovered.  I was pretty sure I wanted a stripe sofa but wasn't sure if the style of her sofa would look good with a stripe fabric.

I googled "stripe sofa with rolled arm" and realized I was fretting over nothing.  The stripe was a go!

It was previously my sofa and very well made so definitely worth recovering.  I was extremely lucky that Schumacher partnered with me because that fabric alone would have put me way over budget!  It was 450.00 to get the sofa upholstered.

I ordered the rug from Amazon.  Like I said before it was thin and needed a really good pad but all in all it was perfect for 277.00

Some of you may be thinking stripe on stripe WTH....but Mark is known for that!

The pillows came from Homegoods:)  I know I lucked out....and again more stripe on stripe!

The curtain fabric was the first thing selected.  Fabricut was a partner and gave us 20 yards so that worked out perfectly for the 4 panels [one width and a half each]

Those great floor lamps from Lamps Plus [a sponsor] were SO good.  

I got the Pottery Barn rods and rings on sale for 20% off!  The curtains were another big chunk of the budget at 550.00.

The next big purchase were the chairs ordered from Walmart!  They were 664.00 for 2.  I knew that I would have to cover the cushions which cost me about 95.00 in labor and the fabric was 60.00 for 3 yards.

I already had these pillows that I didn't use for another client....and the throws.

But I found these blue numbers at Marshalls for 19.99 each and I love that they brightened up all the beige and brought the blue across the room.

They had little tassels on them and I just cut them off:)


You can see the tassels on the pillows....haha.  The garden seat also came from Lamps Plus.

Let's talk about the lucky that I did not have to change the surround.  It was black granite squares.

I stuck a pretty fern in there...when in doubt greenery is always the answer!

From Lamps Plus....a sponsor.... I picked out this mirror early on.  I wasn't sure where it was going to go but since I ordered the wrong size of art from Minted [the abstract in the frame] Rose suggested "how about over the mantel" and I am so glad we did it!

The blue and white came from Homegoods.

One of my favorite shots!  And of course you know about the deal of the century....the coffee table!

Tray from HG's.

You can see the gallery wall in the mirror.
Here is the wall and you can see that NOTHING in this room is symmetrical.


Thank goodness Minted was a sponsor!  Can you imagine how much all of this art would cost?

The one on the far right....was an abstract I already had so I gave it up for the cause.  It's by Steve Mckenzie.  The frame was an old one that I repurposed .

One the other side the one on the far left was one I had left over from an install.....

And then there was the one I painted quickly for a touch of blue.....

I think I will stick to design....lucky it was in a gallery wall and not that noticeable!

Again a repurposed frame and mat!

I picked up some blue books at a thrift store and most of the blue and white came from HG's.

And the whole shebang again.....
This was our dining room table and chairs growing up.....


You remember the story about this was a steal at $50.00

Again....books thrifted, along with the small box for $3.00

So happy for the NDI faux flowers which never have to be watered!

Again you can see that nothing is symmetrical in this space.  The good thing is when you are in can't really tell.  Takeaway.....don't sweat the small stuff!


Here is the foyer that I did 4 years ago....

I just re-zhushed it up a little.

So.....all 4 [I'm throwing in the foyer] rooms cost close to 5,000.  Even though I went over she wasn't mad....whew!  But....I also started with only one room so there's that right?

And another One Room Challenge is in the books.  I've done 8 rooms as a featured designer and 1 room as a guest.  I know I complain a lot but it really is fun and so gratifying to finish a room "soup to nuts" as they say!

Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend.  I'm headed to Boulder to preview another project!  Only 2 days....



karen said...

You a Fantastic. I love everything you do.

Emily said...

I love it! Any chance you have a link for the chairs? Tried searching online but couldn't find them :(

Oma Gail said...

Looks great but where in the world do you get a sofa recovered for $450 labor. My local upholsterer wants $1000 plus materials. Is there a secret?

Anonymous said...


A particularly amazing job! It is so nice to see designers do the One Room Challenge on a budget. Like Emily I would love the link for the wicker chairs. I have gone through every wicker piece on Walmart's website with no success. I've seen enough truly ugly chairs to last a lifetime......

onnery said...

I think your art original is fantastic! The room and the foyer are striking.

JJ Baile said...

This is my favorite thing on the World Wide Web! Seriously my living room needs all this.

Pat said...

Sherry, I have a project similar including updating bathrooms, and small project. Would love to have you look at. Love your style. Pat

debra @ 5th and state said...

Mark Sikes would be proud!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry, SO GORGEOUS! I was going to say Mark would be proud and you should send him a link to this. I love this whole space and especially the gallery wall. Your sis must be loving that room! Have a great weekend!

Gail Storti said...

Sherry, I could look at the things you’ve done here over and over again, I just love it! The striped sofa, that gorgeous drapery fabric, the gallery wall, the coffee table, the fireplace area, the wicker chairs...well I could go on and on, it is truly beautiful. AND done on a pretty slim budget! You certainly worked your magic and gave your sister a room to love for many years.

Judy said...

It is so nice to see color that is not grey and white! I keep looking at your pictures over and over again hoping that I will assimilate some of your creativity!
What is your go to ceiling white that is not grey? I need something to up the brightness in my living room.
With all the hours that your sister works, once she gets home, I bet that she feels like she is in a new home!
Super job!

Mel said...

I wish I could find thiose chairs from Walmart.

eyelet curtains said...

how do i know what color to buy the living room curtains? I have sage green, taupe, light brown, and burgandy the walls and tile floor are a creme color, the couch is a sage green and the rug is a floral print with all the colors mentioned. I was thinking about having the curtains match the accent color of burgandy, but i didn't know if this was too bold.

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