You know the reason I blog on Fridays is so I can get excited BECAUSE IT IS FRIDAY!!!


It's been a hectic week....so much going on with projects and I can't wait to share with you.

But.....not today:)

You know how we always give the love to World Market.....but today I wanted to give a shout out to Pier one!

I used a Pier One sofa for the Boulder Flip so I thought I would share a bunch of things for under $100.00

Oh yeah....and it's all black and white!  Don't hold your breath for the color edition....hahaha

But first this is the sofa.... which is a nice little gem [ on sale right now].

charger [the ones I used in the Boulder flip], table, stool, basket

Those curtains!  They are embroidered....

All good stuff huh!  Below is a rug I liked [not under 100.00 but would look great with the sofa.  And it's on sale.

Alrighty then....your black and white fix for the week.  I'm off to workout and it is leg day....ugh.

Sherika loves you!


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