You know what I have noticed lately?  And it's driving me crazy.  EVERYBODY HAS AN OPINION...... it's not just that..... but the fact that everyone wants that opinion known. 

Now that in itself is not a terrible thing but crikey it's like if you don't agree with them....then well you are wrong.  

But wait a minute....if you have an opinion about me and it's good I'm all ears....maybe scratch that mumbo jumbo above.

What was I thinking:)

OK....on to the before and afters of the Boulder flip.  It's a doozy.

Before....this 1880 square ft cottage


Before the back yard.

After....just a little yard cleaning.

OK....a color explosion!

Seriously a coat of Benjamin Moore White Dove is a game changer right?



Starting the process....had a little shopping to do but not much.  The sofa and chairs are from Pier One.  The wood chair is World Market.

Switched things around and bought a new coffee table from World Market!  It was on sale for 209.00 and its solid wood.  The rug is old West Elm, the bar from Target last year.
You can see that we couldn't center the sofa under the window....but I think addressing each side with some height helped out the situation.

Stripe pillows from Homegoods and the black and white ones from Target a few years ago.

We were looking for some art to go here but ran across these baskets at World Market and at 39.00 each it was a no brainer.  The small one [a placemat] was 1.00 at Pier One:)

So.....see the FP in the corner of the foyer????

HUH.....such an awkward place right?

Buh Buy.  

Before accessorizing.


Rug is old Target and the bench was ordered a few years ago on Wayfair I think.

I found this sketch at Homegoods!  

Y'all this faux fig tree from World Market is the bomb!  179.00....

More crazy color....

The kitchen area before.

Cut down the island.  A little hex backsplash and some open shelves!

The island tile is from Home Depot.

Cute huh!

Faux flowers from World Market and the vase was from West Elm a few years ago.

I think the black and white chargers were from Pier One.  The floral napkins, pink plates and pink glasses were from World market.

Accessorizing those shelves are my favorite thing to do.

Friday I will show you the upstairs, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

And y'all it was under contract the first day on the market.  

Alrighty then.....figuring out where to stay in Casablanca.  Checking AirBnB and well....couldn't find anything that wasn't reviewed at it's looking like a Hotel.

Hope you slay this week and get everything done!



mapleandmagnolia said...

That looks incredible. You worked your Sha-MAGIC on it! :)

Hollie @ Stuck on Hue Pillows said...

Why would a fireplace ever be right inside the front door? Odd. I'm a proponent of color, but I agree white was the right choice for this project. It makes the angles less jarring, freshens the whole place, and got rid of that ugly stained trim. Well done!

Cassie Bustamante said...

it looks beautiful! that is one of the backsplash styles i have been thinking about for our kitchen- this helped me fall in love with it more! i love this makeover, sherry!

karen said...

Crazy good.

Unknown said...

I love your stair railing - taking out the wall and putting in the railing was my fav! Plus getting rid of fireplace!
Love your work!

Unknown said...

Looks gorgeous - Mikie Cross

Unknown said...

LOVE ALL OF IT!!! Just my opinion. :)

Jessica Horton said...

All the white makes my heart sing.... but those RAILINGS!?! I don't even have stairs in my home and I want them!!!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Holy cow you are GOOD. I'd love to go shopping with you at YOUR Homegoods. Brave to get rid of the fireplace in a cold climate...but it detracted more than added.

Barbara Moore said...

You're a flipping genius, Sherry. A flipping genius.

Taryn Smith said...

My opinion is your are so talented!,, the whole project is beautiful - wow, just the outside of the house is such a transformation!

Unknown said...

Amazing! I would love if you could touch on how they transformed the outside. Did they paint over the cedar siding?

Lisa Lee said...

Please tell us the names of the exterior paint colors. love this!!!

debbie said...

Of course it was under contract the first day, cray cray, its AAAAAAAAAmazing!!!! Knocked it out of the park, its makes me want to move to Boulder just to scoop it up!

BTW, thought of you yesterday while I was in "At Home", off of Indian Trail and I-85 yesterday. Lots of black and white stuff, your style. Have you ever been? Some really good stuff and some "not so good" stuff but definitely worth a trip :)

Have a great day, can't wait to see the upstairs later this week.


debra @ 5th and state said...

I have been in Casablanca, ONLY a hotel! (and bring, I am not a neat freak). and you will need 1 word of arabic when on the streets; English means no

ok, THIS is the best B/A, I have laid eyes on. to think, someone thought the before was clever....

Brilliant you, so much to admire here, cannot wait for 2nd floor. Sold on first day?! Illinois sucks.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Especially love the kitchen! Just WOW!

Kristen said...

Sooooo cute! Where did you get the metal brackets for the floating shelves?? Love the stairwell wallpaper, one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous job! Love the art!

Desert Diva said...

You always do amazing work!

Dian Owens said...

Oh my goodness! Did they get all that "before" paint at the reject counter? Your updated kitchen, tree wallpaper and the ironwork on the banister are all gorgeous!

Amanda said...

What flooring is on the stairs? They are gorgeous! Thanks so much!

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