Thanks for all the love!  It's rare these days to get so many comments in blogland....right?

To answer a few questions:
Cate..... yes they did just paint over the outside!
Lisa....The paint colors are BM Iron Mountain, BM China White BM Cathedral Gray
Kristen....the metal brackets for the kitchen shelves were custom!

So you are about to see the second floor which has a den and master bedroom.  Of course it's not as wow as the downstairs because remember.....I'm kind of working with what is left in the "staging loot" and we definitely used the best stuff downstairs!

But again....just painting was a game changer as you see again in the second level den.

The den before....

The afternoon I got there I was trying to figure out where to put the Ikea sectional.  At first I did not think it would look good against the blue wall but in the end.....

It did....

I accessorized this same shelf last time....had to look up the pictures so I could duplicate....made my life easy!

Everybody laughed when I put the popcorn and scrabble board out but hey....we are selling the dream right:)

Plus I ran out of coffee table accessories...haha.

Master bedroom before

I loved this World Market pillow....but they only had one!

We ordered this 300.00 dollar sofa last time and believe me when I say it was so bad!  So I piled on the pillows and throw to disguise....

I was trying to marry the pink blue and gray so I threw down this small World Market rug....the size of a postage judging

There is just the bathrooms and laundry room to go which aren't earth shattering but hey....."stretching a post out" is my middle name:)

Just FYI.....under contract in one day:)  Which shows you a few things.  People would rather buy something already done....and staging does work!

So I've got 19 days until I head to Morocco.  Ugh.  We finally found a place to a hotel.  After looking at countless AirB&B's with reviews like dirty....stinks....that was it for me. 

Pray for me as the anxiety sets in.......



Candice said...

Are you going to Essaouira? I bet you end up loving it! I haven’t been but friends have, and loved it. Between the laser treatment (did that 2 yrs ago, loved it) and the warm golden sun there, you can take some amazing photos. Ain’t no filter like a Morocco filter!

Anonymous said...

When you paint the room White Dove,
What color are the angled & regular ceilings?
Sharrific Reno!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! The upstairs is gorgeous. I absolutely love that blue wall, especially with the treatment you added. That looks aces!! I had a staging business for 10 years and, yes, it absolutely works as you have also found. Just want to note that your amazing success with the House Beautiful Home (CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!) has brought COLOR into your world. Looks great though I am with you that neutrals are my very favorite color scheme for interiors. AnneHH

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of those wacky colors really calmed the place down. The shelf in the "after" shot of the den has about twice the amount of stuff on it as it needs; what happened to putting books on shelves? Just an observation. The "before" photo of the master bedroom appears to contain a twin bed. The "after" of the rooms is so, so much better - congratulations.

I went to Morocco and would LOVE to return. I wonder if you are just dreading the flight? I would take your place in a heart beat. Ask your doctor for a mild anti-anxiety medication and you will be fine. It's an amazing country and it will mean a lot to your family to have you there. Judith

sara said...

It's amazing how much better just a new paint color looks. Good job!

Laurie said...

Sherry - love this. Can you give the source for the bookcase/shelf - wood and iron one?

Unknown said...

Lovely as always. Now go get yourself some cbd oil.

Gail Storti said...

I thought you said you put all the good stuff downstairs...well the upstairs is pretty terrific too. You had me at “Boulder Flip” because I knew it would be amazing and it was! With your magic wand and lots of hard work, you did wonders to that little cottage! Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a house with so many different colors, but the now white walls makes a world of difference. Your staging is fabulous and I love how you find such great things at places the average person can afford. I have the fig tree and it is the “bomb!” No wonder it went under contract immediately, this flip is one of the best B/A projects ever!

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