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Many times when I am putting together a design plan I will try to use some boutique fabrics so that it will have a more unique look.  Especially with pillows!  [my true love] 

One company that's a favorite is called Zak and Fox and now along with fabrics they have wallpaper.


How cute is he sitting here with his dog:)

Let's start with pillows first....

And now for the debut of their wallpaper!  I think they picked some of their best selling patterns....

Check them out below

I am dying to try the one below!'ve got my "design heart" with all these great patterns and colors!

You can find Zak and Fox all over Etsy here and here and here and here

I have been thinking of getting something called microblading to my eyebrows.  My sister had it done [she had very blonde eyebrows] and they look great!  Just takes one step away from that makeup routine!

BUT.....I was reading some reviews and got scared with people saying things like "she drew them in and then just did what she wanted"....which would make me want to punch someone.....since there is no hiding those things.

If you have any suggestions then please share....cause here are my fears...haha.

Right?  You might hear about me on the 11 o clock news after I go "housewife crazy" on someone.



debra @ 5th and state said...

Hysterical, those brows!!!!!
even know this charming 85 year old woman who recently had her brows tattooed....never, ever, do that!

was not aware of Zak & Fox, love, off to investigate

onnery said...

Hahaa about the brows! Your decision.

Great fabrics and you even snuck some color in there! I love that wallpaper with the floral pattern and black background.

Anonymous said...

It's a delicate process and no matter how great from the front it still looks fake from the side. And like tattoos, think about aging. When you are very old and everything about you has faded, the brows will not. Think carefully before you leap.

Anonymous said...

Swoon worthy fabrics and wallpaper. Not sure I could make a decision since I love so many of them. Good grief...what is it with women and their eyebrows? Your brows are supposed to enhance your face, not be the focal point that one can not take their eyes off of. And when did the unibrow become so popular? Having full, natural eyebrows is one thing, but having 2 overly hairy caterpillars on your face is never a good thing. I could never do something so permanent, especially to my face that I look at, reluctantly, several times a day. Not to mention the people that have to look at me! Do your research first, then decide.

Gail Storti said...

Oops! Forgot to leave my name to above comment.

sjr said...

I got my brows micro bladed and love them, years of letting the Asian nail salon wax left me with shortened and thin brows. It was funny as people couldn't figure out what was different about me. Just be picky about where you go. Several of my colleagues got theirs done after I had mine and one took her mother in her late 70s to get it done. Love the fabrics.

Barbara Bussey said...

My sister had her brows done. For the first month, it was last I noticed. Then they fade slowly, looking much more natural. I think it’s about $500, so not inexpensive. Takes several hours as well. Brows do make a difference. Go for it!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love every one of these fabrics! I cannot wait to see more. As for the brows, I have thought about it as well but am a little leary as mine are already out of control and very hard to shape

sara said...

Yes, had mine done last year. I LOVE them! As I have gotten older they have thinned and were very patchy looking. Do your research on who to use though. Pour over their Instagram photos and make sure you like their work. It is so worth it though not to have to put on my brows. It makes you look younger too. They were dark and scared me the first day or two but after a week looked totally natural.

Unknown said...

You are hilarious!!... but I really get that fear factor! I searched for THREE years for the microblader who could create the most natural looking brow.... and found her! I googled within a certain proximity to my home and looked at tons of images of their work and read reviews (which are all relative, so basically looked at work). Wow, did life get easier with microbladed brows! The tip I would give is to ask for a natural looking brow. One that you can fill in with a brow pencil when you want to dress up for a night out. They will create hair-like strokes that will be hard to tell if they are real hairs or not. It's truly amazing! Also know that they will fade over 11 months and you will need to go back for touch ups. It's not like a tattoo that lasts forever. They will eventually fade away without upkeep. You will looove them, Sherry! From a fellow interior designer :)

Love, love the pillow fabrics! And that off-set stitched stripe is fabulous! Inspiring!!

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