OK....I am gearing up for the next wave of events for the House Beautiful Concept Home here in Atlanta!  In late August we had to get it "photo ready" and now we have to get it "people ready".

Which [in my opinion] is much harder right!  I just hope people get the part that it was all sponsored product and we couldn't just get what ever we wanted to make it fabulous!  But.... I will say can zhush the holy heck out of something to make it look pretty polished!  And....of course lots of flowers always help:)

I know I never shared the rest of the images from the Serenbe Showhouse and of course it's over now but there were still some good details that I think you might want to see!

A little farmhouse action here....

I am always studying containers....of course my own are empty which makes me think why?
I do like the monotones of all green with this one!

Lets start with the kitchen....because I was pretty smitten with the shape of these corbels! know what?  I am still in love with a white kitchen.  Yes I get all googley when I see pretty colorful cabinets but in reality there is so much going on in kitchens....white just takes it down a notch.

Just for the many little topiary plants have I killed....that was a trend I had to quit early on.....lest I went bankrupt.  

Of course I just turned to pillows which don't need quite the care but I can still go bankrupt none the less:)

Another beautiful table setting....

 And seriously a bunch of magnolia in a vase will solve many of life's problems.

The jam:)

The upstairs landing....a nice study in black and white.

Never met a crusty light fixture I didn't like....and I'm all over these black roman shades.

More #blackandwhite goodness....

This fun room was my favorite.....

So many interesting moments....with the gallery wall, the pillows and rug.  I was all in on this one.

I gotta tell ya though....I didn't think I was a fan of black, white and red but I got my mind changed here.....

Some serious pink in this bedroom upstairs!

Right off the foyer was the family room.....

Another pretty the surprise you get when something is painted inside a pretty color like this secretary.....

Party lights.....check!


Melissa Galt
Janie Hirsch
Julie Holloway
Gretchen Edwards
Meridith McBrearty
Anna Louise Wolf
Elizabeth Ferguson
A Wooten Loggins
Stefan Alexander
Kate Light
Robin LaMonte
Rebecca Cartwright
Lucinda Bray

OK....better get my running shoes on because the next few days are gonna be a marathon!

More about that on Friday...



onnery said...

Smitten with the place,…and oh yes, those crocks full of citrus, the table setting, the range hood, and on and on….!

Alfred & Mary Interior Design said...

Love your work! Love this home! (the link to you on the House Beautiful site is broken so I headed directly to your blog)

Gail Storti said...

Love this house, wish I lived there! But then I wish I lived in all of your projects. I love your sense of style but I especially love your sense of humor.

Diego Lopes said...

Absolutely stunning, I love how you show the place off and it came out great.

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