Yay.  It's Friday and we can all get excited now.

It's been a good week and I got so much done but one thing that kept me busy was this.....

Oh seemed like over night they were everywhere.  So we [meaning my husband] sprayed the whole backyard....I washed everything and sprayed all over....along with vacuuming the whole house 3 times already...which in itself is out of character...ha ha. 

I'm exhausted.  I read that each female can lay up to 2000 eggs.  AYKM?

Like I got time to deal with this right?

Ha Ha....Cami grabbed her empty bag and ran around the house with it like it was a prize.  Silly girl.  Sill girl with fleas though.

Ok...let's dissect the week.....

Pretty fabrics I saw at ADAC from Hodsoll McKenzie.

And this cute wallpaper from Scion at Grizzel and Mann.

I went over to a favorite clients house to have some art hung.  She was having a party so we also just fluffed the place in general!

Love how this new piece of art really popped in the space!

I am also still loving this plaid carpet and it has really held up well!

Spent some time at Sudi's picking out curtain hardware for this gorgeous Schumacher fabric.

Cruised through Huff Harrington which is chock full of pretty things!

And a visit to BD Jeffries which is right up my vibe!

 Ran across a bolt of this beautiful Brunschwig and Fils at a thrift store!

And this cute little oil painting which after sleeping on it....will be mine today :)

I got my J Crew Factory sweater today but had to send the shoes back because they were NOT comfortable!

I am watching the weather like a hawk and if the temperature drops I am throwing on a sweater faster than a chicken on a junebug.  

These are like crack....seriously.

I've got this new design book in my Amazon cart from the talented Paloma Contreras 

And this Podcast.....whoa!

I've got like 4 podcast going now.....waiting for each episode to drop like Cami waits for dinner....hahaha.

Alrighty then.....skip through the weekend like a 6 year old!



Su-z said...

I also got hooked on that podcast this week! Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Mary Deckert said...

I can't have a box of those Red Lobster biscuits in the house.Too dangerous!

Patty Markey said...

HELLO ATLANTA!! You have a new best friend in Northern California....LOL
Stumbled across your Blog a few weeks ago, and it is now on my desk top!

Gail Storti said...

Well, I can’t say I skipped through the weekend like a 6 year old, since I was painting baseboards! It left me feeling like a 106 year old! But I love freshly painted woodwork. I look forward to your “This and That” posts because there are always plenty of goodies and idea that get my motor running!

onnery said...

The red and blue florals remind me of Wm Morris prints. Love that little painting!

cindy hattersley design said...

I am loving all of your finds and the showhouse posts!!

Unknown said...

I am the queen of Cheesy Biscuits. My mom found a recipe for me after my first time going to Red Lobster years ago. I have perfected it so well that it's my most requested recipe. So I'm curious as to how well these taste compared to my homemade ones. :)

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