I've turned into a seriously this much needed weekend off [which I had big plans for.....think getting organized] kind of took a backseat to doing pretty much nothing.....except for catching up on OZARK!  I'm 4 episodes in and it's riveting.....#ruthforpresident

I'm actually writing this on Monday so there is still hope that I can check a few things off my list!

Let you know on Friday:)

Had to finally take Cami to the vet on Sat morning.  [Thinking that I did not want to take her to the weekend/holiday vet and spend my whole fall budget on the bill....ha ha.]

Anyway they gave me an arsenal of meds to help with her situation and as of this morning I would say there is a 10% change in her condition!

Like I said last week.....I was aiming for some fall shopping while the sales were hot!  To say I stocked up for fall is an understatement.  Yikes I may have gone a little overboard.

That's what returns are for :)

I have a few events coming up....and one is the opening of my Pinewood Forest showhouse.  Now I'm not one to throw on a dress....[the one I bought in the spring I still have not worn] so I thought I would show you guys how I will extend the life of "white jeans" through fall.

This is what I am planning on wearing!  Navy and white are always classic but the lace top will add some pizazz!
top  [bought!]
shoes  [and these]
jeans  [bought these also]

So let's take those white jeans further into fall.  Paired with some camel!  I bought this top so I'm all set!
top  [bought]

I bought this sweater jacket in black last spring from J Crew Factory but when I went back to get the camel one it was gone.  So glad they brought it back because the one they have at J Crew has funky sleeves on it....and I didn't like the cut.
jacket [bought]

top [bought]

OK...I am smitten with these gold shoes!  So I tried to figure out how would I wear them!  Of course Madewell hardly ever has I'm holding off on that purchase!

Here are some other things I bought!

Yes....I caved and bought these pants from Banana Republic!  I had to and white?

I guess I lied about not buying a dress....I forgot I bought this one.  I'm on the fence but since everything was on sale I purchased and will play around with it!

And these black suede loafer.
I am definitely on the fence about these jeans.....but again....that is what returns are for.

Wanted to buy....All from Club Monaco....where everything was a rare 25% off.  Should have bought that wrap.

Shopping is so much fun....the thrill of the hunt!  Did y'all do any damage?  Spill it!



beyondbeige said...

Nordstrom Rack had an insane extra 25% of their clearance which ended up being 75% off. 4 tops @$7.98 ea. woohooo

Kathysue said...

Didn’t do any holiday sale shopping and trust me I regret it. 💙💙💙everything you bought. You got some great basics that will take you anywhere. I have my eyes on the black and white pants fromBR. FUN POST SHERRY.

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