Hope you guys had a great weekend....still fighting fleas here but think I am winning the battle.  Seriously!  I washed everything I could in hot water....sprayed.....vacuumed a 100 times and sprayed Cami.  I can be relentless when I need to be.

I think I might have mentioned that I am a former "party girl".....back in my day!  On Saturday night we went to a 60th birthday dinner and I guess it had been a while but after my second glass of wine [which is unusual for me] I had the bright idea to order shots of Tequila!  

Out of 10 people....5 were solid right there with me:)

Sounds reckless..... [my middle name]....just kidding...hee haw.

Anyway I thought I would share a few pictures of the rest of the Pinewood Showhouse for those of you who don't live local and can't make it!

I few shots of the outside.  Built by Redwood Builders.  Architect: Lew Oliver.

This fence.....

I love the landscaping!

This is the covered has a glass roof.
Designer: Dana Lynch

The master opens up on the porch.
Designer: Nikie Barfield

This room really spoke to my neutral loving soul:)

The kitchen opens up to the family room and dining area....

Designer: Dana Lynch

I love the organic feel of this kitchen....

The wet bar area was also designed by Dana.

My friend Jen from Swoox designed the living area and who knew I would love a black mohair sofa so dang much!  She is pretty amazing in my opinion:)

Designer: Jen Balcos

I watched her and David throw this room together in a matter of minutes....

Who wants this door?  Me.... me.... me.... me!

The dining area had a mid century feel also!
Designer: Dana Lynch

I was amazed by the carpet which were carpet  squares by Flor!  Although I guess it's been discontinued because it's not on their website any longer:(

Cute laundry space!
Designer: Monica Stewart [The Misfit House]

I love the fabric by Block and Brayer.

And I could not get a good image of the powder room but it was pretty awesome!
Designer: Breckyn Alexander [BMA Designs]

We will discuss the upstairs on Friday!  

This week is Discover ADAC and there is so much going on.....but I forgot and scheduled a colonoscopy for tomorrow. will be #poopcity at my house tonight.

Also I went to the Mart yesterday for fall market to look for lamps and bedding for a client.  That is definitely the fun part of my job!

OK.....more in Friday.



Laura Everyday Edits said...

So much love and inspiration! Thanks for sharing! I wish my home office looked as chic as the one above! happy tuesday, laura in Colorado

debra @ 5th and state said...


Dana & your friend are smashingly creative. now, if dreams came true, a source list would follow :-)

Anonymous said...

We have German Shepherds (lots of hair) and have had great luck with Nexguard (you give your pups a square "treat" every month. I have heard other people say that some flea things can lose their effectiveness, but I have zero idea if there is any truth to that. I have also heard great things about Sorento collars. Available on Amazon, not cheap, but supposedly terribly effective. Good luck! I enjoy your blog!

Unknown said...

Love - Love! Thank You for posting for us non locals

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me why you would want to block a window or door with artwork? It looks like an error, or like they ran out of space or something. I just don't get it and it's done in at least three of the photos above.

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