You might have noticed that I ghosted on Tuesday.....yeah I just didn't have it in me after a week of 12 hour days trying to get the House Beautiful concept house installed and photo ready.  

It was like I was run over by a bus....then scraped back together....propped  up and run over again just to make it stick...ha ha  

Believe me it took a village to get this baby photo ready and I have to say that everyone involved gave 100%!  I will be able to give you more details after it is in print which will be an exciting day for Sherika!

Meanwhile....back at the farm.....I have a few answers for your questions about the Boulder Flip!

One question was "Do they ever push back on my ideas?"
Um....heck yeah.  Even though I remind them that people pay me big bucks to tell them what to do....they are less than impressed and actually say "no" to me on a regular basis.

The nerve....

The hardwood floors.....I do not know what product they use but they were red oak with no stain just a matte sealer on them.  

So the turquoise or cobalt blue house next door!
Ha ha....apparently the wife went out of town and the husband had it painted!  Somebody overheard him wondering if his wife would like it.....

Can you even.....I mean really!

Just a little pretty for you today with some new Celerie Kemble from Schumacher!

Could you die....I love these colors so much....Oh yeah....I am totally embracing color now :)

Who am I?

Just so sweet and pretty!  See more here

I am off to Chicago for the weekend....a short 48 hours.  When I get back my goal is to get my life back on track and organized.  3 projects in a month has just about done me in.....

Thanks for hanging in there with me!



debra @ 5th and state said...

TURQUOISE, WHEN SHE IS AWAY?! mine is away and I am getting my windows cleaned, DAMN!

chicago? hope it is for fun & r&r

Unknown said...

I've been desperately trying to hold myself back from adding the pink floral fabric to my pillow shop. It's so great, but I'm attempting to put myself on a new fabric ban for a while. It's so pretty though.

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