All actions below are pretty critical right now.....

I need to get my hair cut and colored.
I need a pedicure.
I need my eyebrows waxed.
I just need a couple of days to clean up my act.

All before a photoshoot on the 13th.  Looking at my schedule.....I am not sure this is gonna happen.  Thank goodness for photoshop:)

I guess I'm feeling pretty ragged lately.  August in Atlanta is hot and humid and my Keratin treatment has worn off which means it's ponytail time..... not a good look on me.

blah blah blah.

I thought I might get some sympathy from my husband about my schedule and he looked at me and said "well you signed up for this...."  Crickets......What the hell....I gave him a hard side eye.

Let's just get right to some fun stuff like the rest of the photos from the #boulderflip

Starting with the bathrooms!  Which were very outdated.

Basement level bath before


This is a tiny bathroom

But it looks so much better....

This lovely hall bathroom upstairs!

We used this combination of tile and vanity in the last project!  Tile from Home Depot.  Vanity from

Remember that small master bath. 

As you can see when you step out of the shower you are almost stepping in the toilet:)  We took about 18" from a linen closet on the other side to make the space between the shower and toilet larger.  It had to happen.....
Also took the door off and hung a sliding door on the outside.

This was the plan....

So much better.....

Let's head right into the master bedroom!

The worst part is that dang window right in the middle of the room!
We had 2 beds and one of them had a tall gray headboard.  This one was a little more see-through and in my opinion [even though it had a more casual look] maybe it helped with the fact it was half in front of the window.

So we worked with it....what are ya gonna do right?  Using gray and adding a little pink to the mix.

Happy to find that piece of art at World Market.

The doors were painted BM Ozark Shadows

Alrighty then....are you done with your coffee yet?  Just a little more....

Here is the other bedroom with the taller gray headboard....

Before of the basement level

After with tile and new carpet

The wallpaper really added that punch right?

I got to use those awesome World Market Chairs!

 Tile from Floor and Decor

You see that opening back to the right....that is the laundry room.

Which was nasty....

Cleaned up with tile and paint.  Then we added these shelves at the last minute!



Mostly World Market furniture and that sofa we ordered from Target!

Here are a few images from the listing site.

Paint: BM White Dove

Done.  See part one here and part two here

I know there were questions from part one and two and I will get to those.....I promise!'s back over to the House Beautiful project opening all the vendor boxes in the basement in over  90 degree heat.  

Crikey.....Yesterday I did it for 3 hours and as I was down there sweating.....I thought "hey I am a glamorous interior designer"....and I could not find any glamour down there at all.



Unknown said...

Great job on this flip, it looks amazing! I was very interested in how the master bath would turn out. I have an identical bath and didn't know how to minimally remodel and have a feeling of more room. Do you remember how wide is the vanity?

sjudge said...

you have great eyebrows kid

Laura Everyday Edits said...

OMG! This looks like a college rental my husband lived in on Elmhurst! Ha! Love the vanities! I didn't realize you were a CO girl! laura

Carla Aston said...

Great job, Sherry! Love your images too. :-)

Lisa said...

You are always glamorous! Love all these exciting projects

gina said...

Love everything! Please come redo my house for me!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So much fun with the before and afters...but I can tell it wasn't that easy! Great job.

Karen clifford said...

Tell me pleeeze...where did you get the indoor metal railing?!?!? I grew up in Boulder and now live in a bilevel in Colorado and have been looking for a railing replacement. Luv, love, love. all the changes!

Sarah A. said...

Fabulous!! I’m a few years late coming to the game :)
May I ask what is the tall white box in the first tiny bathroom over the toilet?
Is it a cabinet? Where did you get this?

Thanks so much!!

Got mucho family in CO
But I live in Wisco

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