Y'all before we get started can I just have a moment to vent?  

Nothing earth shattering just the freaking RAIN!  I spent the last 2 days installing my Pinewood Forest Showhouse and it poured the ENTIRE time. 

Not kidding.  Carrying in a million bags of accessories and furniture.  Why you ask?  Well my delivery guy bailed on me so I rented a Uhaul and did it myself.  With help from a friend....thanks Rose you are a lifesaver:)


Up and down the spiral staircase till I wanted to scream.  Gah, glad that's over with.

Thanks....I needed that moment:)

Boulder, Co.  I think might be one of the most expensive real estate areas in the US....except for maybe San Fran and NYC.

Let's get back to the before and afters of the little split foyer.



Just painting the walls was a game changer.  Floors refinished with a matte sealer.  

The night we got there....I left it like this....Thank goodness she bought this Ikea sectional from a friend because the sofa we bought online from Target was the size of a postage stamp and I think made out of cardboard:)

I did not even remember Cari texting me this picture and asking if she should get it.  I did try to call Ikea that night to see if they had a slipcover for it but no luck.....OK....we will work with brown!

I have been wanting to do brown and navy for a while!

That's the thing about staging furniture is if the home buyer wants to buy it well then you sell it....cause after a while it looks tired [that is what happened on the last project so we didn't have much!]

That shelf unit came from Wayfair and it was the bomb.   

 I wasn't sure I had enough things to fill this sucker but it worked out OK....



I totally struggled looking for something to put in front of the custom iron railing.  Then I spotted this bench at HomeGoods and realized that HG's comes to the rescue again!



The table top was actually wood but it needed a little color so I threw this blue flat rug over it found at where else....HomeGoods!

A bowl of "cuties" always helps!


Check back on Monday for the rest of the rooms....master, basement and bathrooms.  I have to get going and go workout!

And yes....the color of the doors is BM Ozark Shadows.  The walls are BM White Dove.



Christina said...

I really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing your projects! Being from Sweden I am brought up with IKEA and can assemble any piece in my sleep...! I just wanted to let you know about the company Bemz that make slipcover for most IKEA furniture. Even custom made! I have ordered from them many times and it can really make a difference. A cheap piece can look high end! Check it out!
And I am so so so so tired of this rain..... I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Would you please give the source for the living area rug? I have been searching for that exact one!

cindy hattersley design said...

You seriously are a genius! What a transformation!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Cindy Hattersley's comments but would love the source of that wonderful light fixture in the dining area. That's exactly what we need here - and now! Looking forward to seeing the 'rest of the story. have a restful weekend because you deserve it.

Unknown said...

Please, please source the rug and pillows. Thank you!!

Gal Storti said...

Just think of all the exercise you got, not to mention calories burned! The before and after photos are terrific and once again, makes me want to move to Boulder...but only if I can buy this house. Right! I was also wondering about the light fixture source, think it would look great in my dining room. Can’t wait for part 3 that shows more of how you waved your magic wand and turned this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

Bonnie G. said...

I think the brown adds a little warmth to a very minimal look in what seems to be a large area. It looks great and that railing really transformed the the space! Also I like that the color scheme flows out to the deck.

Jennifer B said...

Fabulous before and after!!! You are incredibly talented!
I am curious what brand of matte sealer you used on the floors. I have red oak floors that are going to be sanded down ( damage from leak). Currently they are that typical orangey-honey time you see in a lot of houses- yuck! I would love for them to be a pale natural wood- or whitewashed would be amazing. What do you suggest as a product to achieve that pretty, pale look? I know red oak has more grain variation than white, so it probably won't look exactly the way I envision. but any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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