Ok guys here I am in Boulder looking at the latest is going to be quite the challenge!

More on that later because on Sunday I went on the Junior League tour of Kitchens.  I only made it to 3 houses....and I didn't get a ton of pictures....but I was definitely smitten with one of them.

You know I love a white kitchen....well really because it's classic and doesn't get dated as quickly....but this space was pretty awesome:)

The backsplash was perfection....

Loved the simple sconces.

The counter tops were marble and the cabinets were painted a taupeish/gray.

The hardware looked like a hammered antique pewter.

Loved the beams and these light fixtures.

This was on both sides as you walked from the family room into the kitchen....gah!

This curved cabinet detail....I remember I did read that the barstools came from Wayfair!

I found these pictures online from a newspaper article.  Designed by Rothman+Rothman

The next home was built by my friend Michael Ladisic....I don't have any pictures of the kitchen because I was too busy taking pictures of the whole house....especially the backyard!

Love the detail on the entrance.

When you walk up the see this cute little window!

This is the foyer....note the fireplace....

This was on the other side.

Loved the powder room off the foyer.

Circa Lighting sconces.

This was the family room.....

The dining room was round

The best part was the back yard!

The guest house.

I mean right?  It was so beautiful....I died.

Yesterday when I boarded the plane [30 min before takeoff] I sat next to a woman who decided to eat a salad.  So while I was gagging with the smell [UHG]  she had a little routine going that almost sent me over the edge.

Three bites of the salad and then grab the water bottle....freaking twist the top off [which took like 3 long fast turns].....and chug it. 

Then repeat at least 10 times.  Swear.

Y'all the thought of a mouth full of lettuce and water.....TOGETHER  caused me to almost vomit right there.





Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Gorgeous kitchen. But the other house!!!! I loved it all.

Coco724 said...

The design content today is beautiful. Sharing the details of your airplane drama is just as unpleasant as if we had been there with you. THANKS for sharing....

Anonymous said...

Lol! You make a story come to life. Thanks for the amazing pics. Maybe your seat mate is reading and will learn some etiquette :)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Wow...thanks for the tour since I can't go. Your photos are did you do it without people in them?

I'm flying with Chief under the seat to San Diego for Easter... always a tad stressful with him if there are any delays.

Lettucey water..ick!

EMcD said...

Sherry, I am a Denver-based long time fan of you and your blog. I know when you come to Boulder you are booked solid with your projects but I would love if sometime you would consider a lunch or coffee or something with your Friends in the West (I am sure there are more of us out here). We need more of your style out here (where so much of our design is just hideous)!! Just a thought...


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