CB 2

The other day I picked up a CB 2 catalog and just about died!  Have you seen what's happening over there?

Hot damn I could have spent my retirement on some of the cool things I saw.....let's review!

These chairs....first of all they are white....that's a plus.....I love them!

And this one..... although I would change out that fabric to come cream linen :)

Some kicking barstools.....I've heard some grumblings about brass being "out" but I'm just thinking that means let's all simmer down and mix our metals so it's not so "matchy matchy".....K?

Yes please....it's modern but I love to throw some in just to keep a room from being too predictable right!

Um.....All of these organic pieces appeal to me.  Might need a few for my open shelves!

Both of these right?  I think CB 2 might just be better than West Elm right now....

This cool bar right?  A little MCM

This bench!  And I think they have a dining room table like this.

Check out the wallpapers they have.....

A little black and white to get me going.....

Hubba Hubba!  Dining table.

Are you dying yet?  Your favorite so far?

I definitely will have a place for this lamp.

Texture for days.....

How fast are you gonna order these planters?

Guess what?  Another Boulder project in the works!

Can't wait to get my hands on this kitchen!  

I'm headed to see it the last few days of March so stay tuned for thoughts on how we will update this puppy!

Speaking of puppies......Cami says Hi :)



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

There are so many great pieces here! That white chair and the white dining table are fabulous. They are not a style that I even have in my house but I love them.

Kristin said...

Any idea what that wood and black cabinet with the long pulls is called? I can't seem to find it on the CB2 site.

Katy said...

I love CB2 and have used a bunch of their pieces to mix with higher end pieces. They are usually the pieces that get the most compliments too! I'm also 10000% with you on CB2 being better than West Elm right now and they are WAAAAAAY better than Crate and Barrel, their parent company.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, precious Cami!

onnery said...

I have not purchased from CB2 but I may be now. That chair is a perfect piece for little corner in the small morning/sunroom of the cottage we are renovating. Gotta go and hop over to their website!

karen said...

Colorado kitchen...really bad. Hurts my eyes.
CB2 ...loved the lamp , so good.

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