Hot damn we made it to Friday!  I for one am giddy with that fact:)

I finally got it together to do a small fashion post....well it's nothing earth shattering..... but spring and summer are just around the corner and there are some things that I find myself buying over and over.

What that means my age I have narrowed it down to a color palate that allows me not to spend too much on clothes.  

No secret there right?  Neutrals sprinkled with some black and white.

You have heard me preach about this before so hang with me for a minute., white and blue.  My staples for everyday wear.  What's better than going to the Gap and loading up on these to get me through the next few seasons.

I bought these cute ankle flare jeans and I plan on cutting the hem off for a more casual look!  Since they are cheap it's no big deal when I'm tired of them:)

I also bought the sleeveless T in every color.  I'll be happy when it's 90 degrees here in Georgia!

White jeans are pretty much what I wear almost everyday in the summer.  I can dress them up or go more casual.  If you don't have a denim shirt you need to get one because they are great for layering.

Look at me getting all bossy.

The white section in my closet is the largest!

Surprise huh!  

Every year I go through my t shirts and discard any that have spots on them and just replace with new ones.  And I definitely need that cute black and white bag right!

So you are now thinking that I am a pretty cheap shopper but we are forgetting one small detail.....

SHOES!  Yeah.....something you can always buy when you don't feel like trying on clothes!

I have all of these below....

All from Nordstroms.

I love these with anything!

I just bought these and they are definitely on heavy rotation!

I bought these [on sale] and from day one they are so incredibly comfortable.  I wish they still had the black in my size.

I have all of these also:)
From Nordstroms.

I just recently bought these to add a little fun to my wardrobe.....I don't often wear heels but loving that block heels are in style. 

I have these from last year and now they come in suede.  

I bought these because I have always loved the classic feel of a loafer and this modern version will look great when I want to be just a little more professional!

These are in my cart right now!
From Nordstroms.

I'm thinking these would look good with white jeans....not as harsh and black.

These just look incredible comfy and when the temps get really hot in Atlanta I'll need some openness!

How cute!  I think we all need a little blush in our life!

If I pretty much wear all of these why are there so many shoes in my closet?  Every time I start to weed them all out I get  nervous like I can't just have 9 pairs of shoes.....what kind of girl would I be?

So Sunday is my birthday.  Apparently middle age is from 45-65 and I guess 66 is "old age".....WTF.

Crikey I am not happy about this at all. I'm not gonna lie or sugarcoat it.....getting old sucks.

There I said it.  




Anonymous said...

I really love suggestions of workable styles.

I looked at their website but can't find the sleeveless tee. I need those! And I'm not sure which short sleeve tee is the one you posted either. Do you have links or names of styles?

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet sassy Sherry, you ain't old darling, just vintage, rare and wonderful! Happy Birthday to YOU!! I'm 55 and it sucks!! For my 50th I had bunion surgery! Just yesterday I told my hubby all I really really want is a Chloe handbag and to get my neck fixed. Well actually I would also like to see my hip bones sticking out too! My latest purchase which I'm thrilled with by the way is a LARGE PRINT BIBLE!! Nothing says old fart like a large print bible! xoxo

beyondbeige said...

Where does the he damn time go? And oh, happy birthday.๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

patti said...

Happy Birthday to the youngest "old" person I "know"! Love your fashion post!

Anonymous said...

I'll be 66 in 3 weeks too. I agree, getting old sucks but look at the alternative.

Regina S. said...

Omg I wish you could post everyday! You make me laugh! Happy Birthday and enjoy! Great post!

Betsy said...

If old is such a bad thing, why do fine wine and antiques cost so damn much? Happy birthday from a 70 year-old fine wine loving antique. Enjoy your 'old' age!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, you! Having a sense of humour helps and you certainly have that in spades. Enjoy your day.

Angie said...

Happy birthday to the funniest and cutest lady I know!!! You rock!!

Scribbler said...

Honey, you are a mere spring chicken! Happy Birthday, but you will never catch up with me -- so remember you will always be younger than somebody . When your knees start to hurt, then you can think you might be getting a little older but better (after a new knee).

Anonymous said...

FOmg..i was looking at the cloths thinking I coulnt get away w it at 61. Then you showed youe age. Thank you for that. I love it and i will copy it.

Ellen said...

Is it just me or are clothing choices for those of us in the prime of our lives diminishing. I swear, I go to the mall and come out empty handed every time. Don’t those designers recognize “Tawandas” have cash, and likely a lot more than those twenty somethings they cater to?

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