I feel like I dodged a bullet y'all.....I took Cami to the specialist on Wednesday and just walking into that place brought back memories.

What I mean is that I have left there twice before without a dog..... in tears.

So to get good news for a change was just what I needed.  They said her heart is fine and it is common to hear a slight heart murmur in a large very excited dog.  I didn't mind paying a chunk of $$$ for that information.

So it looks like this peach pit....poop eating crazy girl is OK:)

It's no secret that I don't have little kids running around so when I have to do research on putting together a little boys room.....I gotta dig deep y'all.

Here is the plan.  First thing I did was add some interest to an alcove where the dresser is going.  
The whole room was white with beige carpet and it begged for these stripes.

Then I looked for a dresser that could stand the test of time....he is only 3 after all!

This Pottery Barn number is perfect and I found this mirror to possibly go over it.

I am always happy to throw in a little industrial.

These sheets [because he loves trucks] are adorable with some basic navy bedding so when he is tired of trucks we don't have to pitch the whole plan! is where it gets crazy.  I discovered 
The Land of Nod.  Hey no judging....why would I be shopping there huh?

What can't you find for kids.....I mean I want this for myself.....

The cutest!

I was looking for storage ideas and it was overload....

 I liked everything I saw!

Of course I love this idea I found on Pinterest [Crazy Wonderful] because it feeds my texture loving heart.  Baskets on the wall.

I headed over to Minted and found these cute pictures of trucks!

Put it together and we are almost there!

It's a start and decisions still need to be made but We have to hurry since there is a new little boy coming into the family soon:)

I'm outta to Scott's today.  I feel like I have an extra spring in my step getting such good news!



Naz said...

Wonderful news about Cami. I've always said they are a member of the family.

Kathysue said...

Great news about Cami, i know you are resting more easily after hearing that. I absolutely love to do children's rooms and have 3 son's I have done my share in my days. Love the navy stripes I used the pottery barn navy rugby striped bedding in our playroom for the Grand kids. Another great online source is Rosenberry rooms. Love the land of nod too!! Have fun!!!
xo Kathysue

Ice Cream & Tequilla said...

I bought baby furniture for my son in shade similar to the dresser! Can't wait to see the finished product! Will you be adding nightstands?

Mary said...

I'm so releived Cami's ok. They sure can instill a fright can't they?
That's one lucky 3 year old...having a room designed by the famous Sherry Hart.

Crazy Wonderful said...

What a relief about Cami!!! I can completely relate when you talk about the stress of going in to the vet. With our first, it seemed every time we went in it was cancerous. I still get nauseous when I have to take our current boy in because that's always where my mind goes. Love your plan for the little boy's room, and I did a little dance number on the couch just now because that's actually my son's room with the baskets on the wall :D He loves that he can get to his stuffed buddies and I love that the floor isn't covered in toys. A win, win!

debbie said...

Happy news about Cami, I don't mean to be a "debbie downer" but we just lost one of our sweet girls to congestive heart failure which was initially found by a heart murmur. So, I'm so, so happy that cami (and you) got good news!
The little boys room is gonna look great when you're done, loved Land of Nod when my sweet girl was a tot.
I hope to be going to your HomeGoods today, maybe I'll run into you🤞
Happy weekend 😊 (Sick of this rain)

debra @ 5th and state said...

great news!!! phew, what a worry

jealous you will be at Scotts, we drove down from Chicago to get there Thursday. I had 6 hours!!! hubby drove straight both ways, so was on his ridiculous schedule. have fun, many goodies this month

oh, and LOVE where you are headed with the boys room. darling!

michele said...

I'm so happy Cami got a good report! Bella Luna also had a heart murmur which was diagnosed early in her life, and she didn't experience any health problems and lived a long life. Thanks for sharing your joy and suffering with us, Sherry--we all really do need each other. I fell in love with Land of Nod when my guys were little. You definitely need a teepee! xox

René said...

I'm so glad she is ok! You must have been so stressed during all of this. We love our pups!

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