The other day I made a trip to Lewis and Sheron Textiles to look for some fabric.....of course that is a very "happy place" for me:)

I took a ton of pictures but decided instead of just dumping them on here I would be like the Dewey Decimal System and catalog them for you in color groups.....like I got nothin better to do right.....hee haw

I'm gonna start with reds....which is one of my least used color.  Maybe I can talk myself into a love affair.....

This color way reminds me of the early 90's as it was very popular....



Kyle Marshall

Teal and Red.

And this rug....

I feel like I just talked myself into an addition because I might need these colors in a room:)

Other pretty fabrics with red in them.....

Moving into pink....

I am always trying to push pink during presentations but no takers:(  Although I am a member of the "pale pink" club....




And Cinnamon [sounds better than orange]! 

Orange is tough for me.....where I could see red or blue walls.....not sure I could like a room with orange walls.....a little goes a long way.

Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens

I would be more inclined to use orange like the 2 pictures below.....sparingly. 

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design

Oh hell where can I find those incredible barstools....shabby crusty orange is the best!

OK.....enough for today....I am sure your head is spinning trying to decide what your spring color accent is going to be after all of this input!

Guess where I'm off to today?  Boulder!  And the weather is warmer out there than here in Atlanta....which is puzzling right?!



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

WOW! My head is spinning! I love all of these fabric but I am actually looking for blue and brown fabrics. So I will look forward to seeing those.

Kathysue said...

There is nothing better than a post of pretty fabrics or pillows!! I pinned almost every single blush pink room. I am with you on that color, but it is hard to find one that does not go peachy or towards lilac. I am picky about my pinks, LOL, kind of like Goldilocks! Have fun in boulder!! Thanks for the sharing!!

michele said...

i WANT my spring color to be aquamarine but i wonder if it will instead fall somewhere between putty and elephant's tusk? hahaha. i am with you referencing 'lipstick' rather than 'red' and 'eggplant' over 'purple.' thanks for the hurricane of color! (see what i did there?) xox

designchic said...

So many gorgeous fabrics. I love the living room with the oriental rug - reminds me of my grandmother's house, but in a good way! Happy Wednesday, Sherry!

Unknown said...

Ah!... I, too, steer away from reds in design. However, imagine that red runner in a modern Mediterranean, soft white walls, steel windows, warm wood floors and beamed ceilings furnished with whites and touches of black! Just a delicious spot of red in an otherwise neutral space. Mmmmm..... Yep, I could do that! I love that rug!!!

Nice post, Sherry! Have fun in Boulder!
Judy G.

Samantha said...

Wow, wow, wow! I'm drooling over ideas for new bedroom curtains. Looked for that upside-down yellow bird/flower/vine fabric on their website, but no luck.
So you happen to have the details/name for that one?
Thank you for the Spring inspiration!

Unknown said...

Piękne materiały, zobacz też nowoczesne fotele

Anonymous said...

Sherry, could you share your paint for the living room shelves? They are a beautiful taupe color!

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