This post is like my life only in pillow updates:)  I can't really explain how this happens but it seems like pillows are always on my mind.  

I assume this is my drug.

My back alley is HomeGoods and pillows are the crack.

Sometimes I have the budget to do custom and other times I dive right into cheap thrills.

In this project that I have been working on for a while we we able to do some pretty custom fabricated by my girl Sudi.

Some nice neutral going on here [surprise] with these sectional pillows.

It all started with this Zak and Fox windowpane fabric.  Next I added the Peter Dunham paisley and threw in a little texture from Kravet. 

Of course we need some art on that wall desperately!

I found this marble bowl at HG's and added some beads in it for the coffee table.
In my opinion there is nothing some beads in a bowl won't answer:)

Over in the bedroom we have some pretty Schumacher Ikat and Kravet linen stripe.

And I found this pretty cotton towel for the bathroom....

Now we take it down a notch.....when I am in Target I kind of takeover.

I will gather up all the goodies...find an isle and go to town.  These are for a staging project which I will go into more about later.

I also saw this cutie at Target

2 girls rooms.....these from HG's

Headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Right?  I totally forget about them for pillows but their game is a lot better!  These all had down inserts.

Speaking of BB&B I picked up this pretty wood bowl to go with these black Ikat napkins and iron serving pieces [from Crate and Barrel]!

For me:)

Changing things around at my house by adding some indigo!

And Sudi [who makes pillows for the stars] but had almost NO PILLOWS in her house....well we changed that with some new bedroom pillows.

Pretty huh?

And having absolutely nothing to do with pillows.....everyday I look at my kitchen and these brackets I fall in love all over again:)

Oh yeah one more thing.  

There is a war going on over at my house.  

It has to do with the thermostat.  I'm living here in "motel hot".  The other day I came in.....it was 75 outside and my husband had the heat on at 71.  To make a point that he is cold he will put on his sweatshirt....pull the hood up while sitting in his office or watching TV.

Go ahead and put on gloves.....I'm not moved.



karen said...

I really get that picture.

Christy Spearman said...

LOL!!! I feel your pain, sister. Love those pillows!

Crazy Wonderful said...

Lol! I can relate to that last image of your husband in a sweatshirt. And he says I'm the dramatic one ;)

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love all the new pillows. My hubby is always cold too, not a good thing.

Kathysue said...

As soon as I saw the word PILLOWS I rushed over!!! Oh my, you made a haul, Missy!!! Love them all, the little girls room is darling and I spotted PINK. When I was looking for pink all I found was blush, which was Peach and what they were calling Pink at Tarjay was also very Peach. Looks like you actually found PINK!!! Good job. I am coveting the marble bowl, is it real marble or painted to look like marble? I need to go and visit Homegoods, it is 5 minutes from my house and I hardly go anymore, this is making me want to revisit!!! Thanks for the laugh about the thermostat. I hear you, I am always warm and open up the windows for fresh air, even in the winter!! You made my day with this post!!! Happy Kathysue!

onnery said...

Bahahaha! My husband does almost the same; he puts his jacket on and sits wrapped with throw(s).

Now to the pillows! They are all great. The ones for the girl's rooms are so fun. Cannot wait to see finished project!

barbara said...

I am always cold so I feel his pain! Since we have been having such nice weather in Atlanta, the thermostat is on vacation (love my electric bill these days!)

The wicker animal photo bomb in the target pillow shot is hilarious!


therelishedroost said...

Although I lean towards a bit of color in my everyday home I cant wait to add black and white to the mountain home. I love all these pillows and you certainly put a slammin room together!!
It's always refreshing to see true design work don eon your blog!!

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous pillows...loving all the grays. You definitely have a very active and spot on pillow radar!

Unknown said...

I'm having so much fun catching up on all your posts at the beach!!! Some totally kick ass combos friend!

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