I don't have much for you today.....I guess every post can't be a light bulb moment right?  But.....I did spend Wednesday getting the project I worked on all last year photographed by Rustic White Photography . 

The architect [Linda MacArthur] and kitchen designer [Jane Hollman] of Studio Entourage  and I got together to split the cost of this so it was a win win for everyone!  Can't wait to see the final shots.....

I thought I would share some images I took as we were leaving so you could see the before and after of the outside!

It's amazing what a pretty coat of white paint will do:)

This was a full renovation built by my friend Michael Ladisic of Ladisic Fine Homes

One more shot.....of my favorite powder room!

I saw this new trim the other day  Fabricut by Dana Gibson and flipped out....I love this color way!

And...... after blowing through The Crown on Netflix   

I started watching this one.....on Amazon.....

I'm 3 episodes in and it's the review here

Last thing.....I was asked to speak at a college design class the other day.  


Yes I was scared since I consider myself "home schooled" in the whole business.  But....sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone right?

Scratching my head thinking of what to talk about for 2 hours ......I know right...eek....I decided to just put together a ton of before and after images and talk about why I made certain decisions and those 2 hours flew by!

One of the pictures I ran across was this chair makeover for my second One Room Challenge.

The shot below was me trying to explain to my upholsterer what my goal was.

Same chair!

I forgot what a good one it was right!

Have a killer weekend.....I know it is "crazy blogger Christmas decorating" season.  Always that time of year when I feel so inadequate :)




Melissa I. said...

Goliath is SO GOOD! I watched the whole series in about 3 days. Couldn't pull myself away from it.

We just got Netflix so I am watching OITNB.

Have an awesome weekend!

Jennifer said...

Who makes that hummingbird wallpaper? It's SOOOO GOOD. Love all of your posts!

michele said...

if this is your idea of lazy blogging, i'm in trouble. i love these before/afters, sherry. you are gonna be responsible for making some house painters very busy with transformations like this. the hummingbird wallcovering. *sacred pause* i did not want to scroll past it. peace to you, professor.

toocolorcrazy said...

always amazing work - love that you are self taught! Good taste is good taste...but girl you know we all what to know what color white was used??? - as it is the hardest color to deal with!!!!

brenda murphy said...

I remember that chair! I love your work, your passion and your laughter. Always look forward to seeing you in my in-box! From rural Ontario, Canada...and Naples....yup a snow bird:)

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