Well it finally happened to me.  I was checking my American Express card and I noticed some charges on there that didn't look right.

It's my business card so there are usually charges from fabric vendors or rug vendors etc.....not Saks Fifth Avenue.  And...this girl did some shopping! Fendi, Ugg, MCM.......purses and shoes.

When I first saw it I thought for a minute "did I do this?  Did I shop in my sleep?"  You know instead of sleep walking maybe I sleep shopped....ha ha.

Of course now I have to call my vendors and let them know my cc number has been changed.  It's always something right!

Today I have my last install....just curtains and I am excited to see them go up!  Should have some pictures for you next week but I do have a few more updates of this project.

The gray silk wallpaper went up in the foyer....

So pretty!

 I put together 2 floor plans for the family room which is huge!

The first one is not my favorite but could definitely work.  The challenge of a large space is that it's hard to find large coffee tables.  In the first plan we took [2] 30 x 60 upholstered ottomans and put them together for a 60" square.

I prefer this plan with the 2 sofas facing each other.  We can still use the 2 ottomans pushed together.  They have a 4 year old with one on the way so no sharp corners!  

I also took the rug size to a 12 x 20.

The curtains will give the room some warmth.

I ordered the furniture from Charles Stewart going with gray on the chairs and navy on the 2 sofas. 

ALL performance fabrics!

Below are some fabrics for pillows.....

The blue grays go nicely with the island color...

Walk through this area and you are in the butlers pantry....

Which is also painted SW Roycroft  Pewter

I have been trying to keep up with my workout schedule during the holidays.  I am finally back on the treadmill [just in the last 3 weeks!] after suffering from Plantar Fasciitis since May!  Not running yet cause I'm scared it might come back :)

Even though..... when I was out to lunch the other day at this yummy restaurant....

And I had this healthy meal.

Things went down hill when the family got together at my sister's restaurant last night.

The best desert ever!  Some kind of pound cake with a caramel sauce over it.  I die.

This is an example of my husband sitting next to my 13 year old nephew and their conversation!

Now you see what I'm up against here?  

While I am talking pretty paint colors....... he is strictly a numbers guy.  Yin and yang to a whole new level.

Merry Christmas you guys!  So glad we all met here in blogland it's definitely been a highlight in my life:)



Naz said...

Merry Christmas and thank you for another year of enjoyment from your blog.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love the pewter cabinet color. Pinning that for my future master bath possibilities.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous spaces! I need more clients with budgets (and good taste!).....You are my fav - just had to say it. I admire that despite a busy design client schedule you still blog regularly - #goals

Merry Christmas!

Nancy said...

do yourself a favor and check your credit report...I think you can get a free one every year. even if you have to pay, just do it. worth the peace of mind in my humble opinion. love your clients and your pictures are like eye candy to me...thanks for posting regularly even though you're swamped with work. hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Obviously love your blog, personality and projects. Hope it's a great holiday for you and your rocket scientist.

martha mary said...

Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. I love reading your blog and drooling over your projects. You are an amazing designer with a great personality!

gina said...

Another beautiful project! Cannot wait to see more pictures. I thought your plantars was all healed. I had to take a month off of tennis late summer/early fall as my son was getting married in October and I did not want to hobble down the aisle in a boot! Hesitant to start back playing but daily stretches/exercises and ice help a lot! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!

Carol said...

Merry Christmas to you also Sherry, wishing you a new year filled with joy! You are amazingly talented and so fun to see in action! Thank you for including us in your thinking process as well as final results. Absolutely love your style! Wishing you only God's best in 2017. Kind Regards, Carol

toocolorcrazy said...

Im laughing about your dinner conversation. I saw that on IG and it was a flashback to my childhood with my father! He's a numbers guy and I am a creative brain! He is always a teacher - which is not bad - but I remember getting a lesson in the 3C's of diamonds when I wore, what I thought were, my mothers "rhinestone" earrings! Turns out I was sporting some expensive studs! Anyway...I am so thankful he did teach me so much - and I can do math if its hands on but equations and algebra are like speaking greek to me! Merry Christmas and thanks for the memories!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Merry Christmas, Sherry!! Love your project...and the fabrics.! This will be fun to see it come to life. Thanks for all your hard work writing these lovely posts. I appreciate all the creative beauty that you bring to my little laptop!
Mary Ann

cindy hattersley design said...

Sherry this project is perfection. Your work keeps getting better and better with each project. It is so fun to watch your talent evolve. That paper in the entry is gorgeous and I love that Shumacher fabric with the have I missed that one! Can't wait to see the final final. Happy Holidays!!

Barbara said...

Love your humour & your blog. I have recently bought a similar sofa to your current project & I am now on the look out for two chairs to sit opposite the sofa. Would it be o.k. to buy the chairs that match the sofa but have them covered in a different coloured fabric or look for two chairs completely different. I would hire you in a heart beat but I live in Canada, Best wishes for the coming year, looking forward to seeing all the lovely homes you get to work on.

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