I know y'all are holding your breath for updates on my foot right?  Well....since I have been wearing my Fitflops there seems to be about a 5% improvement!  Of course I am not sure if it is everything thing else I am doing in conjunction with....ha ha.

I am nothing if not diligent.

2 weeks ago I spent some time at Americas Mart here in Atlanta which was showing all of the new home merchandise.'s like heaven on one hand and then.....hell.  I want it all.

Starting with this wallpaper I saw at Gabby

It is a Thibaut pattern that I blogged about a while ago.

And these floors at Gabby.....

I mean.....say no more right?

I fell hard for this new chandelier.

I headed over to Codarus and saw this new art collection from Dana Gibson for Soicher Marin

 Hubba Hubba.... black and white.

I was looking for some rugs...and headed to Surya

Then to Dash and Albert....

I got this little indoor/outdoor number for my kitchen.

But I liked this one also.....

And this blue plaid one for my client's kitchen

This was my second choice.

Maybe I got this one for me.....just saying.

I love their performance rugs.....great for kids and pets.  I used this one several years ago in a kitchen keeping area.

Then I saw these new hand painted fabrics from Design Legacy....Kelly ONeal.

Dayum.....they are good.

Last week I started moving my client into her home after a year long renovation!  This is the exciting part right?

The curtains were installed and I started accessorizing THREE rooms of bookcases....note to self...."what was I thinking when I said let's do bookcases"!

These were my first go around and I have a lot of work to do:)

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

You guys have a great week.....



Kelly said...

I had severe plantars fasciitis years ago. I went to a podiatrist and he out my bad foot in a boot. I was told to wear it everyday and night while sleeping. I only took it off to shower. My foot immediately felt better and was completely healed after wearing it for the time frame he suggested. No shot was given and no meds were taken. If I ever have that problem again I will go that route. Ask for a boot!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love Dash & Albert rugs and just ordered another new one.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Oh, I hope your foot feels better. Such a drag!

Love the rugs! I'm suggesting a Dash and Albert large stripe to tone down the formality of a dining room--and it's indoor/outdoor.
GREAT wallpaper, too.

Lee Ann Burkhart Interiors said...

Hi Sherry, I really enjoy your blog! I never comment on blogs, but I wanted to share with you my plantar fasciitis story! I am in my mid fifties and had started running in my early thirties. Five years ago, I had a very painful case of plantar fasciitis and could barely walk in the mornings. I tried getting a shot of cortisone in my heel and that helped for a few months, but it came back with a vengeance! Finally, someone told me about a specialist who practices the Rossiter method of treatment which is a deep connective tissue message therapy. It turns out that this painful foot problem stems from tight calf muscles pulling on the tendons in the heel. I was skeptical about going, but I was so desperate for relief that I was willing to try anything! My therapist worked on my calf muscles by applying deep pressure to certain pressure points on my calf muscles while I rotated my foot in a circle (the procedure was not a pleasant one, in fact, it was pretty painful)! However, I walked out of her office feeling 90% better! She gave me a few stretching exercises to keep my calf muscles stretched out and I haven't had anymore problems! It was the best $100 I ever spent in my life! That was five years ago and I haven't had any flare ups since that first and only treatment! Prior to this treatment, I had tried all of the things you are trying with no success. The Rossiter method worked for me! Look it up and let me know how it goes! Hope it helps you, too!!

toocolorcrazy said...

Sooooo dreamy - love the calm coloring of your drapery and built-ins! What is the paint color? Also love those panels in the Gabby showroom! Gorgeous!

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