I have kind of been mad at Restoration Hardware for years.  The fact that you can not buy ANYTHING in their store anymore gets under my "instant gratification" nerves.

Not a towel.
Not a cabinet pull.
Not a pillow.
Not a throw.

The other day after exhausting my search of looking for some armed sconces in stock somewhere I turned to RH as a last resort.

 I was chuckling to myself as I opened the web page thinking of all the times I have tried to order from them only to find out they were back ordered until I was tripping over my beard.

Can I say I was blown away with their new Modern Line!  And the prices were pretty incredible.



I mean right?

And the bath on point.

I actually took a few pictures

Some modern art.....

Here is what started the whole search....
Looking for sconces for the Boulder kitchen.


Everything I found on the internet was SO out of stock!  Guess I'm on trend huh:)

But then I saw these on RH and even though they are outdoor sconces.....

I liked the shape so much better.  Guess what!  In stock.....maybe it was a fluke but I took it as a sign from God that I was on to something...hee haw.

Oh more thing.  I was over at Floor and Decor looking for some tile for a client who has a tight budget and saw this.....

Also perfect for the Boulder project fireplace surround!

By the way a few of you asked for the link to the black and white tile from Home Depot

Hope your week is going great!



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love all the lighting, so pretty and I also love Floor & Decor. My favorite store to stalk.

Anonymous said...

Love all the lighting but most look like copies of Visual Comfort lights. IMO It is such a bummer when all the big box stores knock off the designers.

therelishedroost said...

AGREED! Furniture and lighting back ordered till winter! I can say as much as I love the new look of the lighting I have been disappointed with the finish. ANything that has powder coat to give a zinc or blackened finish I have had to send back because its all chipped bummer! I have had luck with the metals though. I have a RH vanity in my powder room, and chestefield in Perennials for my library I bought years ago and I still love them and they have held up so far.
I love that tile fro surround its great! xo K

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, What a feast indeed! All black, white and perfect! Great post, especially the lighting, thanks for sharing.

cindy hattersley design said...

You found that black and white tile from Home Depot? I have to check them out!! Love all your new finds from RH (I feel the same way about the stores what is the point?). Love the brass and black sconces just used them recently they are fabulous!!

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