NEW FABRICS it's no secret that things have been a little wild and crazy for me seems like that's all I can complain about right?

Well the other day I was walking Cami [which I do every morning] and this feeling came over me like I have way too much to do to be leisurely strolling around the neighborhood so I said "come on girl.....we have to run" and I grabbed hold of the leash and took off.

Ha Ha....cause about a minute later I was sailing through the air like Superman [sans cape] and skidding to a stop on the asphalt.  Yep knees first, then palms and a little bounce from my noggin on the street.  For a minute I heard birds over my head [like in a cartoon].

I gathered my pride and stood up to make sure I was know "what day is it....who's the president" blah blah blah. Then I busted out laughing when I realized how fast the whole thing went down.

 I did shed a few tears when I saw that I had ripped my new jeans.  Note to self....slow the heck down and don't wear new clothes when walking Cami.

Enough about me.

Last week I was running all over ADAC putting a plan together and when that happens I get all kinds of distracted with new spring fabrics!

Let's start with Studio Bon which is carried by Schumacher.

Such a great are some of their new patterns for spring.

Do you feel inspired?  Well I found a few designs turned into pillows on Etsy from Pop O Color

Since I was in Schumacher I can share with you some of their new collections!

 Thursday we have the One Room Challenge reveal.  I am calling this "ORC Lite" cause it's not going to be earth shattering but a good lesson on how to update a room on a budget for sure:)  Like nobody has done that right....ha ha ha ha.

Oh well......later friends!

Sherry Freaky


Mary said...

You better be careful! My daughter broke her when she fell walking her dog. The universe is telling you to slow down.
No matter how "light" your ORC is, I'm still excited to see it. I love your work/style.

Mary said...

Her arm...she broke her arm.

Kathysue said...

Happy Monday, hope your week is wonderful and productive. Love the Schumacher fabrics. I saw a few in there that I really loved. Take care and no more running for you, Missy!!
xo Kathysue

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Oh no!!! I hope that you are ok! I love these fabrics!!! Thanks for sharing and slow down!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I am always looking for small prints and Studio Bon has some good ones...thank you, Sherry.

Vel Criste said...

love all this new collection!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Sherry, I can totally relate. Years ago, I was feeling cute and it was trash night. Prancing my way back inside I tripped and landed on my face, broke a tooth and had a huge raspberry or rather a collection of them in stripe down the middle of my face, all from taking out The TRASH! I feel for you :)

Anonymous said...

thank God your are ok! and you are so funny I love your blog I show all my family my 86 year old mom the other day showed her the bunny hutch she loved it! you impress me!

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