If I haven't mentioned it.....along with my 3 week deadline to makeover 2 rooms it's market time here in Atlanta.  I can't not go right?

Yesterday after a few morning appointments I drove down to see what's new.  

Ha Ha.  [That is God laughing]

I actually drove around for over 45 minutes searching for a parking space.  FYI.....this has never happened before in 20 years of attending these shows 2 x's a year.  I was getting pretty mad frustrated and maybe I started cussing about 20 minutes into the search.  WTF!

I was having one of those conversations with myself that went something like this.....damn I would pay $50 for a space right now.  [Usually I pay about $30 during market].  As soon as I uttered that statement and I was heading back out of town I saw a woman waving a flag....and she had a sign reading parking places...... $50.

I couldn't do it y'all.  So I drove back to Buckhead [about 8.5 miles] parked my car at the Lindbergh Marta station [1/2 mile from my house]  and took the train.  Round trip: $4.


120 steps up from the station....#maybeIburnedafewcalories.

But this is not the end of the story.  You have to get your free parking ticket validated when you get off the train. guessed it.  As I was rounding each curve of the parking garage I remembered that I forgot that small detail.

Cost to park: $15.  Total spent to save $20 dollars?  Duh anyone can do that math.....$19. And a wasted hour.

If you made it through that are some pretty pictures to look at as a reward:)

Much better images of the 2015 Atlanta Holiday Home Showhouse!

 John Oetgen
Those pink seats.

Carol Weaks

Karen Furguson

Lindsay Coral Harper

Mallory Mathison Glenn

Robert Brown
Swoon.  Period.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown

James Wheeler

Chris Holt

Jessica Bradley

Melanie Millner

Ivy and Vine

It's looking like my 15 minutes of fame is over.....These are from the new issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles!

I am back to the show today [of course taking the train] so I should have lots of things to share next week......

Of course here is some "crack" for you to enjoy from my friend Sudi....

She is on the 7th floor [temps] so go by and say Hi:)



Anonymous said...

Sherry, I just adore you and your posts! I always feel like I've just talked to an old friend. Now that I feel like a total stalker.........I will just say I really wish I had a Sudi in my neck of the woods. My never ending quest will be to find a workroom in my neck of the woods that does pillows like hers. Thanks for the eye candy!

Hena Tayeb said...

the art.. the colors.. I can't even try to pick a favorite!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love Sudi's work!

debra @ 5th and state said...

dang, the crowds here at the show!
of course my husband called to say don't spend much, have you read about the stock kill

the first thing i did when i arrived was buy your issue of AHL, genius sherry! cannot wait to see what your eye finds here at the show

Pink Camellias said...

Oh my gosh, traffic was horrible down there on Friday. I couldn't believe it. Congratulations on the new AH&L! I'm going to get a copy!

René said...

It's all so pretty! Congratulations Sherry! Can't wait to see the issue.

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