Friday, January 22, 2016


I was cruising Amazon [only because they hound me with emails] checking out the "design book" section and saw some new titles getting ready to drop!  It's safe to say that we are all kinda obsessed with these guys right?

I am sure Steve and Brookes new book will not disappoint!

I do love me some Vincente Wolf!

 I miss Million Dollar Decorators....yeah I know the story line was weak but I loved to see them all talk about design.

I bet this one is chock full of great styling ideas:)

As I scrolled through all of those I realized there is an element in each cover picture that I would use in my own decorating style.  Interesting.

I also received another book in the mail that I am excited to read.  Kristy who is half of the blog Design Chic has written another one!  I can barely get a blog post out:)  

I read Dear Carolina and afterwards I started speaking with a deep southern accent that I couldn't let go of.  But then my husband said it was cute and kind of turned him on so I stopped immediately.  wink.

In other news....I installed some curtains in this gorgeous home [another Ladisic Fine Home beauty]!

This guy lived there.....

And....for some reason he did not like me!  WTH.....all dogs love me....I am just short of the "dog whisperer".   But not Blue.  As I was trying to take his picture he flew up and lunged at me [all 10" of him with that party hat on] and I jumped back like he was a snake....threw my phone and ran.  

I guess if you live on the east coast then you will have plenty of time to hang out at home this weekend.....snowmageddon is on it's way so make sure you are well stocked with wine:)  The important things.


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René said...

I'm adding a few of those to my wish list. Can't wait to sink into Kristie's new book too. Stay warm - snow is piling up over here.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

kristy is sending me her new book, too, and i can't wait to dive in!!!! i am sure to be reading a lot over the next few days.... we are supposed to get 30" of snow. that is not a typo. i wish it was.

Simply LKJ said...

Love a good design book. I am thinking this weekend would be a good one to curl up with one. Praying we don't have the mess we had two years ago!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I've got a couple of new books coming and can't wait to get a glass of wine and browse. Some of these look like fun. I am anxious for Kristie's new book too.

Cindy Hattersley said...

Thank you so much for tempting me with yet another design book! I can't wait to get Kristy's book in the mail!!

Cindy Albert said...

Always love love your posts. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself -- brightens my day.

michele said...

i am a big fan of garrett's mix (the cheese and caramel together are so unexpectedly delectable!). get in mahhhh mailbox, patina farm. and if you find yourself in the midwest, we shall gather and speak southern the ho dang tahm, yayuss?

Pink Camellias said...

I didn't know Brooke had a new book out - I love her and Steve's style. I'll have to add it to my list!

Kathy Witzel said...

Awww, Blue loves you. He can't be mean with a perfect heart shaped nose! He was just ready to stop the nonsense with the party hat and all! BTW, I'm addicted to design books. Love to dig in & dream!

Fran said...

Oh vey….that story about 'Blue' cracked me up! Too funny! And, love those panels with trim!!