It was just Monday.  What happened?  Seriously I am confused because I do not know what happened to those days in-between.


I should have some updates on the bedroom I am working on [THE house that is going to be on the Cathedral Tour on Feb 7th] that has to be finished!

It's coming along.....

This was my car the other day.....after 2 solid days of shopping. have to way over buy for these installs because you never know what is going to work in the room and what will be an "epic fail".....

One of the bad things about this kind of power shopping is that you see all kinds of things you want.

 This rug and coffee table from Pottery Barn....

Anyway.....all of those stories are for another day!

I have a whole Pinterest Board on camel, black and cream interiors.  I don't think it's a secret that I love that color combination.

This image is one of my favorites.....
Garrow Kedigian/photography by Christopher Sturman

I love the texture....with touches of wood and ton's of layering.

So I made a "get the look" board for you....

I started with a Pottery Barn sofa, PB natural sisal rug with black binding and layered it with the West Elm rug.

The coffee table is also from PB.

Love this modern side table from Overstock!
And this floor lamp is from West Elm.

This great lamp is from West Elm

And I found this well priced mirror on Overstock!

I had a hard time finding a brown wing chair but this leather one from Wayfair is nice and rich looking.....

All the pillows are from Pottery Barn and this console is from Wisteria

And I love this art from William McClure

It would be perfect in this room!

Most of the small accessories are from West Elm and Overstock......but you get the picture:)

OK....carry on.  It's Friday and I am sure this day is going to go just as fast as all the others.

Enjoy the weekend....I heard we are going to have great weather this weekend in Atlanta!



Simply LKJ said...

Love the combination. And yes, what a difference a week makes in our crazy weather.

Kathysue said...

Fun board and I do love your design aesthetics, you are soooo in-tune with who you are and what you love. I love that about you. I wrote a blog post today on a little helpful way to find out what a person will truly want and need in their home, I used this as one of the techniques to analyze my clients style. I can peg a room as one that you will like in a hot minute!! I do like when you add a bit of color too!! Have a great weekend my friend,

designchic said...

I love all of your picks - the floor lamp from West Elm is great, and I can't wait to see it all come together!
Happy Monday!

Pink Camellias said...

Oooo! I can't wait to see your room at the Cathedral Tour of Homes! I went on the Passion tour this past Sunday - there was some great design there, which makes me really look forward to seeing the "big" homes!

Ketterman Rowland & Westlund Attorneys said...

Designing is difficult that's why I am amazed in each one who has the skill to do so.

The Best Cloud Contact Center Partners said...

Yes, they're totally amazing.

BlackCloud Ford Injectors said...

I hope to see more of it.

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