I'm starting right out with this.  

As far as Making A Murderer and Steven Avery... let me say this:  I do not know whether he is guilty or not.  Since watching it along with a million other people new information has surfaced that we didn't hear in the courtroom.  As I said before my feelings were that there seemed to be some injustices about the details of the investigation and trial.  

So let's not jump to conclusions with the idea that I am all "Judge Judy" and would have him released from prison right away:)

OK....back to all things frivolous like design.

I have some good news for all of you local peeps.  This incredible project is going to be on the Cathedral Tour of Homes on Feb 7th!  You will have the opportunity to see the whole house.

That being said...... I am busy working on some of the rooms that we neglected after the big push to get the downstairs finished.

I have had 3 major deadlines with the first one getting the downstairs done for the Junior League Tour last March.  Then we took a small breather and had another big push to get it ready for the photoshoot in October.

Now in 3 short weeks we have another tour and another deadline. is a good thing I work well under pressure.

I am working on 2 areas right now....the girls loft and a large bedroom.

Here is the loft during construction.  Through that doorway is the bedroom which is pretty large.  It has 2 queen beds in it.

A more completed view from the other direction.  Through the doorway are 2 additional bedrooms and an upstairs laundry room.  On the left you can see the glass half wall.  The curtains in the DR start up here!

The ceilings are painted SW Repose Gray

And this light fixture from RH was hung.

In the bedroom....3 large Currey and Co chandeliers.

This Mitchell Gold sofa shown here in their rental [while they built their dream house!] will get new life after being re-upholstered

  Here it is in their former family room.

Repurpose right!  There are actually 2 of these sofa's so one is going in the girls loft.

There are 2 of these chairs [that were in the LR of the old house] also going into the bedroom.

You can see them flanking the FP in the old LR.

This coffee table shown in the rental.....

Shown here in their old family room....will be used and painted white.

I kind of built my plan around this art that we will use in the bathroom right off the bedroom.....

With these floors that kill me every damn time I see them.  Tile from Renaissance.

So are you totally confused now?  Well here is the plan.  I am using this Jim Thompson No. 9 fabric called Indore Garden for all my pillows.  It has a little beige in it that will go nicely with the chairs.  It also has some white which is on the walls.....and the bedding.

I posted this yesterday when I found the turquoise fabric for the sofa.  I know.....are you shocked I am doing a sofa other than white?  Yep.....stepping outside the box here folks.  I'm nothing if not daring right?  My new nickname is "color queen".

Hee Haw.

The curtains are gonna be white with this trim down the leading edge.

Still have a lot more details to work out like lamps....accessories etc.

Here is a before shot....
Two white iron beds.....and each side has similar antique wood chest.

Stay tuned for more updates because this puppy has to be finished by Feb 6th.....yes 27 days.

More details on the girls loft later......Lucky for me I found the fabric for both sofas and curtains yesterday at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse .

I'm on it.



ovbal said...

Goodluck with your project!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVe visiting your blog! You are always up to something wonderful! I cannot wait to see the beautiful room that you create! You are an inspiration!

Betsy Cobb Gordon said...

Ohh, I'm so excited to get to see another project of yours in person! Buying tickets now! I went last year to the cathedral tour of homes and it was beyond fabulous. I came home and had the urge to throw away everything in sight.

I'm so Looking forward to it!

Betsy Gordon

Anonymous said...

If (WHEN) I win the Powerba.l tomorrow night, you are going to be my decorator cause I just love your humor!

Barbara Moore said...

1. of course i, too, have no idea if he did it our not....BUT - too many things just don't add up. why would he burn her 10 feet from his house? in broad daylight? and park her car on HIS PROPERTY? days before most likely winning the civil case????? and most importantly - WHERE. IS. THE. BLOOD??? None of my question have been answered by the newly released evidence. and there's reasonable explanations for the new stuff. The biggest piece of information I've heard is from a reporter that attended the trail. she said the widespread hatred for sv at that time was palpable in the town. she even said the jurors could have been fearful of their own safety had the verdict gone differently. this story has stayed with me. can u tell?
2. this house with your decorating talents is the gift that keeps on giving and i can't wait to see the whole thing in person.
3. i may or may not harbor a wee bit of jealousy towards the girls and their soon to be fabulous bedrooms.
4. fabric and fringe warehouse is da bomb diggity.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Ahhhhh the always find such gems Sherry! I love that Jim Thompson one with the beige background and the flowers!! And this from a product of the 80s-girl who more florals.....ever. Love what you put together!!

Beth C. said...

I'm trying to wrap my brain around a bedroom (not even the master) big enough to accommodate THREE large chandeliers. Amazing, stunning, breathtaking. I guess the question they gonna keep you down on the farm after a project like this? Best, Beth C.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, I cannot wait to see these bedrooms revealed!! You are a superstar! Oh my....what fabulous chandeliers and fabrics!! Stop it! You're driving us crazy out here :)

mollie's mom said...

Ooooh. Fabulous colors!! Loving the turquoise and so funny... I'm heading to Fabric and Fringe today to snip some samples ( it's in my neck of the woods should you ever need me to snap a pic and send to you!!) and I hope I have as much success as you did yesterday!!

Janice said...

Your blog is one of my absolute favorites, your designs are fabulous and I love your comments :-) Can you tell me the name of the floors used here? Thanks!

michele said...

that turquoise is sher-iously gonna be the shizzle. love where you are taking this project, mama! peace.

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