Friday, January 30, 2015


OK....I saw another movie.  I guess you could say I'm on a roll.

This time it was American Sniper.  A few people told me it really wasn't a war movie but more of a story.  I don't really know what they meant by that because it WAS A MOVIE ABOUT WAR.

And it was intense people.  So be prepared....but also be prepared to walk out thinking Bradley Cooper WAS Chris Kyle.  

Crikey it was damn good.

I think picking paint colors can be one of the biggest struggles most people have.  When I post a before and after I get more request for the color on the walls than anything about the room!

Recently on a project that I have been posting a lot about I discovered a great gray color.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

I had pinned this for inspiration....

to paint all of the doors in the we had to figure out the color.

These were all pretty but just not I suggested Repose Gray.

The day they painted was a very dark rainy day and at first the homeowner was convinced that it wasn't dark enough.


I took this to show how there really was a difference and that it would dry much darker.  Backstroking.....

It is pretty much the perfect pink or green undertones......

The doors have been painted along with the ceilings a pretty high gloss.

My friend Donna from Perfect Gray posted about it along with Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange

I have added it to the list of some of my favorite colors which are:

BM Dove White [warm and creamy]
BM China White [warm and grayish]

Dark Grays....
BM Kendall Charcoal

SW  Urbane Bronze

SW Iron Mountain

Favorite light blue....
BM Palladian Blue

Great Neutrals
BM Manchester Tan

BM Revere Pewter

These are just some basic colors that sometimes I start with....

Hope you have a rowdy weekend going all "super bowl" crazy.

I will be watching for the commercials only and of course just to be social:)

Shapaintpickingqueen....where is my tiara?

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therelishedroost said...

Okay may I move in now!! I just love everything that you are doing and kudos to the clients who are letting you use you amazing talents to create a wonderful space!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am actually on my way to the Sherwin-Williams store to buy Repose gray mixed at 75%. I am doing all of the open rooms in that color. I love it!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

I watch the Super Bowl just to eat the good snacks. I used Dove White in my whoel downstairs and love it.

A Perfect Gray said...

agreed. and thanks so much for the shout. I painted a room repose gray, or was it mindful gray - from the same strip. At any rate, that strip has more gold in it and less blue or green, making it - THE PERFECT GRAY!

I did have to laugh when I noticed we posted about the same color at almost the same time.

you are the best! donna

Robin Warzywak said...

I love Mindful Gray and Revere Pewter. Now I just need a really light greige or grey-aqau for my foyer and stairwell and hallways. Any suggestions?

Jenny said...

Those are some of my favorite paint colors! I just painted my great room Revere Pewter (it was Palladian Blue). Urbane Bronze is another one of my faves - did some bathroom cabinets for a friend in that glorious color!

dcummins said...

Great colors! Also love the door hardware. Who is the source for that?

Cyndy Aldred said...

Ah, yes girl! I love Repose Gray! My whole craft room is painted in it and it is (I think( the most perfect gray)! In person, it's just perfection and I LOVE all of the inspiration you've found! Have a fab weekend!

Kirsten Wareham said...

Love this idea for doors and trim! Now I must ask the question... What's the planned wall color to go with the repose gray?

René said...

I've been curious about Repose. Glad to hear that you like it. Yes, that was a great movie!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

The hardware on that door. You are killing me.

Cecilia Hammond said...

It’s definitely fun to play with colors, but picking the basic ones could be quite tricky. Good thing you were able to finalize the paint for your home. Browsing the internet for some ideas, coupled with your friend’s suggestions, definitely paid off in the end. Anyway, keep us updated on your other home design adventures. Cheers!

Cecilia Hammond @ Proactive Residential