Group hug to everyone for all of your great comments about the One Room Challenge reveal.  It is humbling for sure.

I was blown away after seeing what the other designers did.....and honored to be among them.  I love how many different styles there were in the group and it ranged from closets....bedrooms, children's space, a foyer, bathroom and several office spaces.

It was epic.

As promised I have a few details for you today.

Let's start with this area.

The most asked question is about the wallpaper.  It is Kravet W3247.  It looks blue online but in reality I feel like it has hints of gray green.  Like I said it was definitely a big chunk of the budget but we saved money in other areas.

I had to keep my sister focused on the big picture just as I do with clients.  She wanted to start out buying everything new but I knew there were going to be items that were key to the room and I wanted to save money for those.

We painted the TV cabinet this color:

And the inside the same color as the kitchen cabinets:

Benjamin Moore Kentucky Haze Ac 16.  It's hard to see but with adding new knobs from Anthropologie she realized it would work because it was the perfect size.

The 2 chairs were some I had forever and by buying 12 yards of $10.00 @ yd fabric and using antique pewter nailheads they will be perfect for extra seating.

The mirror came from the Ballard Outlet and it is the Alastair Convex Mirror .  I knew I wanted something simple over the mantel because of the heaviness of the TV/gallery wall.  Balance people:)

The 2 seltzer bottles are from Scott's.
You can find a similar rug at Myers
Tray on brass coffee table is from Target along with the coasters.

I love the softness the relaxed roman shades added to the 2 small square windows.  I used a sheer linen but Sudi doubled it.  It was her idea so listen to your professionals y'all.

The sectional is the Pottery Barn Comfort Square Arm....and the fabric is the Washed Grainsack in Flax.  It's a slipcover.

Everyone asked about the Eames Chair and where it went.....It's actually her daughters [who lives in NYC now] so we moved it up to her room!  To preserve:)

We took the curtains that were already in the room and had them pleated and hemmed along with new hardware....The candlesticks were previously on the mantel and were yellow....a little black spray paint and some new white candles....

We needed some upholstered chairs at the end of the table.  A friend of mine had these.

They were in perfect condition but in my opinion we needed some pattern so we had them recovered and he straightened out the top for me.

So glad they had arms.....

The white buffet was also painted the same color as the TV console....She's had it for 20 years and it started out as pine...was black....white and now one more color! Repurpose what you can to save $$$.

Planks went up but to save money we used 1/2 inch stain grade plywood.  It was easier to work with and looks pretty good after painted.  

The tobacco basket came from Scott's years ago.  The lamps also came from Scott's [shades from Target] about 20 years ago!  Windsor chairs are 20 years old and it goes to show how classic they are....  Having been white they were painted black about 10 years ago.

The decision to put the planks on one wall in the den and continue into the kitchen was a way to tie the 2 spaces together.  The numbered pillows are old PB that I have had for about 5 years!

That will have to do for today.....I gotta run but will discuss the kitchen area and shelves on Monday.

Thanks to Maggie and Brad for doing all of the work!  All I had to do was swoop and photograph!  Yee haw.

Have a great weekend and hope everyone can relax now:)



René said...

Isn't the Americana paint easy? I used a small can on two large pieces of furniture and had more left over. Love it!

My Interior Life said...

Ok, so I didn't get to comment yesterday because I was running out the door, but as you can probably guess - I LOVE your ORC!! You knocked it out of the park with this one, sister. Classic and beautiful with all the Sherry details that make all the difference. Bravo!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

You did a fabulous job! Lots of "pinnable" images here that are magazine-worthy.

Haute Indoor Couture said...

It looks amazing! I love the plank wall as well as the Kravet wallpaper! Bravo!

therelishedroost said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! What is the paint color on the planks?

kikirenee said...

I love your room. You did a beautiful job. What is the name of the chalk paint color and where can I get the chair fabric?

Barbara Moore said...

Okay. I know it's not a contest. I know there's not a winner. Riiiiight. No doubt about it, you won this one, baby. By a MILE.

Unknown said...

I adore this makeover and everything you did. I love how so many things are repurposed and really makes the space look more special and personal! Bravo Sherry- fabulous job! I LOVE IT. xo Nancy

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

One of the things I love the most about you - your ability to pull things from all different places and price points. That's what brings life to your spaces.

Terri said...

Very nice! I would like to know where you got the chair fabric from too?

Lane McNab said...

Beautiful Sherry! You have created so many interesting subtle touches and have such an expert eye for high-low. Gorgeous and timeless!

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