After Lori and I decided to add more white to our room we started discussing the rug.  In our rendering we had gone darker with browns and some beige.  Our first stop was West Elm. It was getting down to the wire for selecting something so we decided on their Souk rug.  We called...they had one so off we went.

Then....we started thinking maybe we needed something a little know step up your game and all that :)

That was when we went to Sullivan Fine Rugs and they pulled out this little beauty.

It is a 6 x 10 vintage from the 1940's and comes in at 6900.00.  But it is gorgeous.  Seriously.  

Done....West Elm rug goes back.

Then I started thinking about "cheap and chic" versions and did a little research.

Here is what I came up with if you don't have almost 7,000.00 laying around :)

World Market 5x8  299.00  I saw this one and liked that the nap wasn't so things would not get lost in there [small children and pets]

Rugs USA 5x7  429.00

Rugs USA 5x7  429.00

West Elm 5x8 499.00  This is the one we purchased...and it's a "shedder"  for real.  Wool rugs just do this for a while.

West Elm 5x8 499.00  This is a new style that West Elm just came out with.

Pottery Barn 5x8  529.00

Target 5x7  129.00  Not wool of course.

I am sure there are other ones out there.  Is it trendy...yeah probably but I like it so that is all that is important.  I personally don't have one but I can feel a little part of my brain wanting to acquire it....hate when that happens.

TGIF right????
Here in the south we are experiencing a little bit of winter....brrrrrr.

Stay warm friends.



An Urban Cottage said...

Heck, for those prices, you can almost throw it out when it needs vacuuming.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

Sher - I love this post because I too have the RUGS USA one and I HATE IT. I love it but I hate it. 8 months later I vaccuum it three times a week because of the shedding. And its impossible to clean because the nap/fur is too long. i really like the ones at Restoration Hardware right now, but they are up there with the originals. i am so glad you went with the one you did. it makes such a difference. besides the west elm one (and my RUGS USA one) just look so manufactured.

A Perfect Gray said...

darn I love those things. would love to have a huge one but just can't do those prices. great post, sherry, on the options that are out there! donna

Kathysue said...

UhOh! I ordered the one from Rugs usa, after reading Bethany's comment I am not sure I am going to be happy with it. Oh well, we shall see. You know how I love Black and white,so I am hoping that alone will make me keep it. It seems very neutral to me. What say Ye?!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I wondered about the small children and pets thing....actually it's small particles I am thinking about. I want one for my daughter's room. Lord knows what she pulls out of her backpack.

Kathysue said...

Cancelled rug order. Found out from Bethany it is dark brown not black lines on the rug, Whew!! I just love blogland, every one is so helpful!
Thank you Sherry for opening up this discussion.
xo Kathysue

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I spent a week doing the same search. Checked out all the web and the stores.... Then I found my short pile black and white in a large circle design 8 x 10 rug at OHCO warehouse! It retails for well over $1200 and I was able to get it for just a tad over $300. They have wonderful prices and were having a sale of 75% off their price and then discounted it another 10%
No pile problems, just lush rug!!!!

The Sister Sophisticate said...

Well... I thoguh I liked the Rugs USA one, but Pottery Barn is looking good to me! They all look good though!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Shoot, after reading Bethany s comment I wont buy the one through usa! Love the style...

Cindy said...

Oh man, the rug you bought is gorgeous... i can't believe it's that old, how does it look so good!?? Now i want one of these... terrific, like i need another thing to want! I'm going to World Market and check out their version tomorrow!


My Interior Life said...

I just got the World Market one and really like it. It is mostly wool with a little cotton and even a small percentage of polyester. It's layered on top of carpet so I didn't want it to be too thick. Love the real Benis though! The one in the showhouse is gorgeous!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Love the color (or lack of color I guess) in these rugs and the pattern is just the right amount of modern. Maybe trendy but great prices and they look fantastic.

michele said...

i am checking a few of these out. they are not in your face on trend. more timeless if you ask me.

thanks, S.


Laurie said...

Loving the $6900 one - but that pottery barn version would do for budget purposes. I am heading to Marrekesh this spring on a girls trip in quest for one or 2 of these beauties. happy weekend!

Acquired Objects said...

You're so clever to go out and find all the affordable options. Personally I don't think the "shredder" rug would matter in our house but I would have to figure out if I'm vacuuming the rug or the dog......shedding vs shredder....;)


Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

About two years ago I had a client who was dying for a budget version and it was near impossible to find one. Now they seem to be everywhere! I love the look! Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sherika, Shafab, Shacrazygirl, Shazam, Shaheaving, Shabooty, Shafabulous, Shafreakshow,
Shaboobalishious, Shaflash, Shafrazzled,

I found your blog several months ago and it has moved to the top of my list of all time favorites!
I really enjoy your design posts, but when you posted Zipper with the sign "I like to eat poop"...well I was hooked! You are my kind of girl!
I love your design aesthetic, but it is your out look on life, your generous spirit, and your sense of humor that has me coming back for more! I laugh out loud every time I read your post. Boy I wish you lived in Dallas (it's not that bad, really!), because I know we would be best friends!

Bonnie from Texas "but originally a southern girl"

i have to post as anonymous because i don't know how to do it another challenged.

Unknown said...

Great rug! Love it in the home and all the options you gave that are similar

Andrea said...

I like a gal who does her research. I tend to change my mind a little too often to buy a $7,000 rug, but I do love the look of this rug.

lisaroy said...

I love the pattern but have lived with a thick wool rug before and I HATE THEM! The shedding would just never end and our vacuum cleaner was full all the time. They may feel great on the feet but I'll never own one again.

René said...

This rug has been talking to me too. The way my mind changes, I would probably go with the least expensive option. Great round-up!

LiveLaughDecorate said...

hehe, great minds! I was so close to purchasing that Target rug for a recent project. Settled on a houndstooth rug instead but alas, can't get that other rug outa my mind. Will have to use soon.

Unknown said...

Great round up - I love the World Market for the very reason you stated -kids and dogs - ;)

Unknown said...

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