Today I am over at Design OCD helping to celebrate her 200th post!  You are going to enjoy Jae's blog plus you can take a look at her newly remodeled kitchen which was just photographed for Better Homes and Gardens.  Uh huh!

I am talking about a favorite piece in my home plus my favorite room.....curious?  Go here to read.

I never thought of celebrating a blogging milestone other than the yearly one so this opens up a whole other reason to uncork and whoop it up for a significant event.  Let's see........... this will be
 # 374.....that means one more makes an even number.  Wine for everyone :)

On to a more serious subject.  How can I even begin to thank you for your support with my project at the UMCH.  I am completely humbled that you donated....over the internet to a stranger!  Obviously you have not been warned enough about how dangerous that can be!!!

I almost have enough for the addition off the back of ..........just kidding people.  Look I am trying to be serious but I have always been one of those people who laughs at awkward situations.

I mean everyone of you and hope I can make you proud.

Here is what has transpired about my space.  Graciously, MGBW have donated a sofa and 2 chairs.  I know....can you believe it?

Here is a picture of the sofa

And the two chairs is nicer than my own  :)

Some of you expressed that the furniture already in the space is the best and most durable choice.  I get that.  But....since I need to be responsible [using some of y'alls money you know] then it is less time and money I have to spend making over what is already there.  

The fact that these boys are homeless and have grown up in shelters makes it even more important that they have a nice space and hopefully it will help them to make greater efforts toward achieving a better life.  

That being said it is not a decorator show house or a competition.....I will do my best to make the room functional and comfortable for them.  FYI....last year I raised about 2000.00 and spent an equal amount of my own money.  It was worth it!

The other day I was putting together a plan for another project...which we decided against but I am still loving it......

Probably because it is fall and these fabrics are all warm and cozy right?  Oh well...I will try to push it on someone else....cause that is what I do.  I am your "neighborhood pusher".

One last thing...I do not understand flags on your cars?  You know....during football season.

Whoop yeah.....



Unknown said...

You are gonna rock it - that sofa and chairs - oh my!!!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

MGBW are fantastic! Love them and their style! This donation gives you a great boast! Congratulations.
Great favorites table and space!
I never counted posts. That's an interesting idea. I have counted "hits" and have celebrated with each 500 milestone!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

awwwwww sherry - great job on raising the money, err, having great fans that support you. i know you'll do great. this is a wonderful thing you are a part of!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Congrats on the donation...that will help big time!

LiveLaughDecorate said...

That is a killer donation! The kids will be in designer-room heaven. Congrats on all the donations. We are just happy to see this space come together for some deserving kids.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Wow, Sherry! That awesome about the donation! I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes together. Of course it will be gorgeous! I don't understand the flags on cars either. Here in Dallas we also have giant inflatable team mascots in front yards. Mostly of the burnt orange variety. Really.

Unknown said...

Wow...way to go MGBW! Love the sofa and chais- can already tell that the room is going to be amazing!

Karena said...

Sherry I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished!

2012 Artist Series said...

It's an amazing thing that you do that. I gotta say, if I lived near you I would have to stalk you until you finally relented and agreed to be bf's with me. Lol.. Of course, then you would think I was totally weird and have me arrested. My point? You are generous and talented and funny. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

How2home said...

Wow! Great job on raising money! Kudos to you girl :) Totally in love with the sofa and chair :) It's going to look wonderful! Please keep us updated with the progress!

Lexi Keppel said...

I am sure you have already thought of this but please make sure to buy a few cans of scotch-guard and hit those MGBW donations-HARD! I hope people keep donating to your efforts!

Woodside Park said...

Very cool! A great cause and you are very generous. Thanks so much, Sherry! And for catching up with me. I really appreciate it :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your design 'warning' should be well heeded Sherry. I'm afraid I'd going into design shock there'd be such excitement. I took advantage of hearing a few speakers at the Houston Design Center when living there and it was great fun. Missing that kind of resource here in Scotland.
Have a terrific weekend!

René said...

Still loving that keeping room! How generous of M&G! You must be living right! This is going to be fantastic!

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