The winner...of the nautical giveaway!

I have been trying to post the last few days but honestly I feel so out of sorts with my house that it has caused my mind to feel cluttered.  Deciding to have my kitchen cabinets painted has turned into a much bigger job that I could imagine.  The amount of time it takes to do something in your mind is NOT reality....multiply it by 100 and throw in a little anxiety  and that is where I am right now. is my LR.
Everything is out of the cabinets.  Everything has to be back in the cabinets by Tuesday morning.  They want to start sanding floors that day but I have news for them...maybe not.  Supposed to leave on vacation on Wednesday morning for 10 days.  AYFKM.....I am OVERWHELMED.
Breath....My house sure does not look like this anymore...

Never mind all of that crap...the winner of the giveaway is Kim from Savvy Southern Style.  I love Kim and her classic southern style... and that girl will paint you if you stand still!  Seriously I have never met anyone who paints as much as she does.  I am always asking her if instead of hands does she just have paintbrushes :)

One more thing today....I walk my dogs everyday.  It seems like everyone in my neighborhood does also, and I might not know the owners name but I know their dogs name!  The other day Jan and I were walking the neighborhood like we do in the afternoon and we saw a loose dog that we recognized as a friend of ours.  It is small Australian Shepherd and fast as lightening.  We could not catch it.  So I ran home and got my car and we started driving around.  Long story short we found someone who said it left the neighborhood and was heading down Piedmont Rd [very busy 4 lane highway] towards a shopping district.  Oh my lord...we were all over the place for 3 hours looking.  We called Anne Clark the owner and she was hysterical.

Finally we went up behind the shopping area where the train tracks were and there she was...she had squeezed through a small whole in the gate.  It is a good thing Anne Clark was skinny so she could squeeze in to go after her.  My ass would have never fit through.  We were all hysterical cause this ending could have gone SO wrong.  Moral of the story...put a lock on the fence as the yard guys shut the gate and it bounced open.  

Here are the beautiful flowers she brought to my door the next day.

Have a great Sunday everyone.  I have some great Scott's pictures THAT I am going to post, I swear.


Abby M. Interiors said...

Congrats to Kim! I'm so jealous. ;-)

Sherry, I don't know how you do it, but your house is going to look even more amazing! I have *always* wanted white wood floors and you're doing it. I'll live through you, my friend.

How scary to know your dog is in such danger! Thank God you were there to intervene. I'm sure she's forever grateful!

Anonymous said...

pretty flowers Sherry, so nice your neighbor recognized all your hard work in trying to get her dog back...
..and I feel for you and your undesirable home's so hard...
perhaps yo could hire someone to put everything back to rights while you're on vacation...providing the guys have it all done, so that when you return, it wont be to a mess and loads of work and cleaning...

hoping for the best for you..


Cindy said...

GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I know having your house like that is driving you nuts... It's so disorganizing when projects stir everything up, not to mention a ton of work. But I'm sure it's going to be so pretty when it's done, that you might even say it was worth it.
As far as the doggie goes, anyone who would chase a friends dog around for 3 hours, is my kind of people. Yay for you! Thank God there was a happy ending!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won! Thanks, Sherry. I will email you my address.

Kathysue said...

Oh Sherry I wish I were there to help you move all the stuff back into the place you want them. I feel for you sweetie.I am just like you, when my home is in disarray my brain is too. I know it will be worth it in the end, but that is so hard to see when you are in the middle of it all.
Congrats to Kim!!!

Jessie said...

I understand how a disorganized space can drives one crazy because my home is full of kid clutter (I swear it looks more like an indoor obstacle course) and it drives me nuts, too. Sometimes, I have to hop from one place to the other, not exaggerating.

But I am sure everything will be pretty again after things are painted and fixed. Just keep on reminding yourself this situation will be temporary and you will be fine.

Anne is lucky to have a great friend like you who really cares. Things could be worse if you didn't intervene right away! But I am glad everything turned out alright in the end.


Unknown said...

Congrats to Kim - so funny and true about her painting :) I know how you feel about your home - mine is still a mess from the floor being installed. My contractor was supposed to be done on Friday but he ran out of wood - really?! Oh yeah - and my decision to distress the cabinets was better in my mind then in reality - it. is. taking. forever!!!!

Karena said...

Congrats to Kim! She (like you) is always so supportive and creative to her blog friends!

I would help if I were closer by.

Art by Karena

Do Come and enter my Great Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

You will love it!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

If someone other than me had to win...happy for Kim. You know Anne Clark will love you forever. Call her to help with the packing :)

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
Your LR picture made me gasp. I may have to take a break from reading your blog until my floors are done. You are scaring me!
I'm glad your doggie story had a happy ending. I'm a big dog lover.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

you are SUCH a good neighbor! my dog has gotten out of the yard before and it was a nightmare. so worrisome.


charm home said...

Oh dear, you poor thing. I can't imagine how you must feel at the moment with your home all out of sorts. When we moved into our new place I was overwhelmed but at least we had boxes to deal with. I'm sure it will all be worth it when those beautiful new floors are in...and the kitchen is done. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Bless your heart for helping find the dog too. My dog has gotten out twice since we've moved into our new place(my heart stopped both times). Luckily for us she came back both times. I'm sure the owner thought you were an angel for finding her. You can tell she did by the flowers she got you. :o)

Amy Chalmers said...

Glad to have found your blog~I love your writing style as well as your images. So great that you went after the runaway dog. I have a rescue dog too, and we love our dogs!! flowers were beautiful, and you so deserved them.

Joyce said...

I can't image the fear of having our dog get away. I hope I never have to go through this heart stopping moment. You are a great neighbor/friend!!

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel when our house is upside down. Maybe it is a good thing you are going on vacation, so when you get back it all will be finished. I have been wanting to paint our cabinets, but I'm worried about chipping. xo

Amy Martineau Vermillion said...

The result will be sooooo great that you will forget all about the mess on your floor!
So great of you to help with getting the dog back…My heart is crushed every time I see a dog without an owner cruising around. At times I will try and catch them but it's not always successful. And how nice about the flowers!
Happy Monday and good luck with those cabinets!

Emily A. Clark said...

Hang in there, Sherry!

And, good going on the dog chase :)

Mona Thompson said...

Pretty flowers, Sherry. You needed those for more than one reason. Can't wait to see your project all finished. Mona

My Interior Life said...

Wow, Sherry, you always manage to squeeze so much into one post. I can't wait to see your cabinets, floors - everything! And you are so good to help with that dog. I'm sure that owner is more thankful than even those beautiful flowers could convey. Good luck with all your chores before vacation.

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