OK...here are pictures of floors that I liked and wanted.  They are much wider than I could afford!!  You know that whole "budget" word that we all hate SO much!  Anyway, I opted for 4" white oak, much more budget friendly.  I really agonized over the stain because I did not want any yellow.  So I took half white paint and half water and they painted them and wiped it off.  I do wish they were a little whiter but I had to work that day [to pay for the darn floors] so I could not be there to approve.

 After the paint treatment, we put three coats of a matte water based poly to seal.  I love how light they are and wish I had them through out my house!!!
Now, I am getting my bedroom and closet painted tomorrow.  I also have cypress on my ceiling that I am having painted out white.  More pictures of that soon........

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