Monday, May 31, 2010


Man, I have had so much going on the last 10 days!!!  About a month ago I decided to demo a small guest bath.  I really did not have a plan [I don't advise this.....] but I thought that if I started it, then that would force me to proceed.  HA!  It seems that I have the ability to help others make decisions...but when it comes to me, I am FROZEN.  I couldn't decide on the tile, if I wanted change the layout, or even the paint color!  That is just ridiculous!!!  Anyway, at the same time I  had plans to remove the wall to wall seagrass we installed when we did out renovation 17 years ago!!!  AND install hardwoods.  I have to tell you that  seagrass is a work had started to look bad about 3 years ago.    I had this vision that I wanted really pale floors.  So...the decision  to play around with the layout of the bath was pretty much eliminated when my dog got "twisted stomach" and the bill was 5000.00.  Shock!  OK...back to square one with the bath.  I made 2 minor adjustments....took 8 inches of my linen closet to help enlarge the shower and moved the toilet over 12 inches.  I have before and will soon have after pictures so stay tuned.  The floors...well I had to take EVERYTHING out of my closet, and all the furniture out of the room.  My house looks like a war zone right now.  We laid 4" white oak and then I mixed 1/2 white paint and 1/2 water.  They brushed it on and whipped it off.  I love the way they look now.  I will post pictures soon.....
So meanwhile enjoy these beachy rooms......
The start of summer.....and that always wants me to paint everything white, [not that I don't already!]
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LLH Designs said...

Just catching up on your blog and am laughing over this post because I am decisive for other, but all drama for myself. Just agonized over a dining room table. Sold mine (a perfectly good, highly complimented one) without a replacement plan. Blogged about it lots. To the point that I couldn't even stand to hear myself talk about it anymore! We just might be peas in a pod! Wink!