OK...time for some after pictures!

OK....I have been "in the weeds" as they say in the restaurant business!!  New floors in the bedroom, renovating a small guest bath and getting my home ready for a Better Homes and Gardens shoot!  My plate has been full, and on top of that working on projects for my clients.  I have been scolded by a few for neglecting them!!!  But...all is well and now it is all over and back to normal.
First we will talk about the bedroom.  I already did a previous post on my floors.  I had wall to wall seagrass since we had moved in to our home in 1993.  We ran out of money during the renovation and left them concrete.  I was going to carpet but that is when seagrass was just hitting the ground.  I have to say [I think I am repeating myself here!] that seagrass was incredible.  Really,until the last few years, it out performed any carpet I could have ever put down.  But.....the time had come to either replace it or do something else.  After pricing out hardwoods and new seagrass, It was only about a 1000.00 more to do the hardwoods.  That sounds like a lot but I was not going to let 1000.00 stand in the way of greatness!!!  At least that is how I always explain it to my clients......So everything came out of the bedroom and closet.  Whew...it made me anxious living that way for a week, but it really gave me a chance to purge and clean.
So following are the pictures of the after.  My master, which I also spiffed up with a little paint and some new pillows.....I just couldn't help it!
Lot's of white.  I used Benjamin Moore Dove White
And...the new pillows!
Old mahogany  chest that I painted white.  Nothing is safe from being painted at my house!
I found this old door and the mirror was already in it....sweet!
OK...now this was a find!  Ballards Backroom.  It is one of Suzanne Kasler's pieces.  And the best part was that it of course was reduced but then all wall decor was an extra 30% off!  Yippee!  But...I wanted it a little lighter so I put some liming wax on it.  I think it looks better.  You can look in the Ballards Catalog to see the color it comes in.
My ceiling was cypress but I was ready to lighten it up...so I painted it.  I made the chandelier out of an old iron basket.  I have seen this very one for about 2000.00 but mine was about 200.00.
Pillows!  I LOVE pillows!
I never sit in her but it looks cozy to me.  It is all about the "vignette"!!
So there it is!  My beach room in the city!  I really love the floors and do not want to put any carpet down.  But...with 2 big dogs, I feel that it will be necessary to keep the floors looking good....:(
Next up pictures of the bath renovation!


Angie said...

Sherry - you are so talented and I absolutely love your style! The bedroom looks so inviting, you just want to jump right into that bed! Oh, please, please, please do my next bedroom!!!

Tiphany said...

So beautiful and tranquil!!!


Thanks you guys!!!! And..yes Angie when you get your cottage!

Mimi Umstead said...

Is this your bedroom or guestroom?
I love love love it.


It is my master bedroom......Thanks!

Val said...

This is just beautiful! I love everything about it! Val


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...


I love your work.


AMANDA said...

beautiful!!! can you please share where you purchased those gray pillows?

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Just found your blog as I was surfing and clicking people's blogrolls...love it and will be back again and again! Love your bedroom pillows (with the geometric pattern). Do you mind sharing the fabric or source?

Blessings to you!

Sarah Bragg said...

I know you posted this ages ago, but I'm looking for master bedding inspiration and knew to look here! LOVE IT!! Do you have any suggestions on where to find a good comforter. I want a quilt, but my husband wants a comforter. We want to go with white like yours.

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