Bad Blogger!!!! has been a while since I did a post!  I know, I know......the best intentions.....But I was out of town.  Way before I got into the design business, I was a Flight Attendant for Eastern Airlines.  Eastern has been gone since 1991, but I flew for them for 20 years....oh read that right!

I am posting a picture of me from 1972 during my first year of flying.  I am standing in front of Savannah Airport.  AND...yes that is the uniform....and yes...those are HOT PANTS!!  I was 22 years old and living in San Juan at the time.  So, I just got back from a Flight Attendant reunion in Washington D C.  It has been 20 years since I have seen any of these people.  Many of them have continued their flying career after the demise of Eastern, getting on with American, US Air, and United.  I had such a good time seeing everyone, but I am glad that I took the path that I did.  I loved being a Flight Attendant, but times have changed and flying is not easy anymore.

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