Yesterday I went to the Atlanta Decorators Showhouse.  I can remember going to my first Showhouse when I  moved to Atlanta in 1989, and I have never missed a year.  It is awesome to see so many beautifully decorated rooms in one place.  I noticed lots of texture, muted colors, industrial elements, acrylic pieces, incredible light fixtures....the list goes on.  It was the home of Arthur and Stephanie Blank [Home Depot] and the gardens were spectacular!  My favorite rooms were the Kitchen/Family Room [Jimmy Stanton and Matthew Quill of Design Galleria], the Eat In area off the kitchen [Meg Adams], Dining Room [Shon Parker], Sun Porch [Melanie Turner], Cabana [Womack Interiors], Young Ladies Bedroom [McLaurin Interiors].  I wish I could have taken pictures.  If you haven't gone to one, I highly recommend it, the last day is Mothers Day [May 9th].  I believe this is picture  from the Christmas Showhouse that Jimmy Stanton did. to Scott's Antique Market! of my favorite things to do.  I am shopping for a client, and hopefully I can stay focused on her instead of ME!

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