Hola Design Indulgence readers....well the few that are left anyway:)

I am once again joining this elite group of fashion queens that blog on the regular and you are in luck!

We are going to discus white denim.....

Now I don't know about y'all but I can't do without at least dozen pairs of white jeans...meaning I am always getting stains on them and of course every year they come out with a new length that we must have!

I am going to confess to you that I did not have the energy to try one a million looks so I am grabbing some of my #OOTD pictures in which I am wearing white denim and sharing with you!

So here is the deal....I live in Atlanta and we can almost wear white denim year around. 

As you can see in these pictures I were a lot of WHITE DENIM!

I love to pair it with black, camel and blue!

As you can see I will also cut the hem and actually make shorts from older pair.....

I think you need the following:

skinny leg
demi boot leg
wide leg
boot cut

They have great ones at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and J Crew.  I used to spend more on denim than I do now but you could go broke buying premium denim because it seems like anything goes.....length....high waisted....mid-waist and so on. 

My favorite Demi crop boot leg are these  and I wait for them to be on sale!

I think they are really flattering and the perfect length. These are the ones I wear the most....

Here is a little secret.....if I like the fit of something I will buy 2 pair and cut one off for shorts:)  I'm cheeky like that.

OK kids.....time to go shopping and check out the other posts from these talented women because I am sure they will give you shopping recommendations!  

Click on their names to read what they had to say about white denim.....  AnnieCindy, Mary Ann, Kim, and Noelani 

And thanks to all of them for inviting me to join in.....I am honored!



cindy hattersley design said...

Sherry you rock white denim better than anyone I know! It seems like any style works for you. They are more of a struggle for me. I do not buy expensive jeans. I think there are plenty of good options out there for less. My most recent fave is kut from the kloth not cheap but not nearly as expensive as some of the higher priced ones. And they have great sales! Thanks for joining always add a much needed element of humor!!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I KNEW you were the queen of white denim! I love how stylish you look. Chic and a tiny bit edgy. So much inspiration. Hey, this is probably a great post to look at to get dressed every morning...all your combos!

Betsy Estes said...

Sherry, I was excited to see your post today! I miss your blog so much but I know you have been through a lot of heartache as well as a busy life just gets in the way!! I really miss your humor since your post always had me giggling. You have always been the "Style Queen" and your post showed so many stylish combinations and options. I hope you are doing well and wish only the best for you!! Please know you still have many die-hard fans out here that love and support you!!!

Anonymous said...

See? You're the best.

Gina B. said...

YES! Miss you so much! You rule with white denim, and all decor, IMO!
Thank you.

Annie Diamond said...

Sherry! I love your style and that you have that many pairs of white jeans! I love seeing your “outfit of the day” on Instagram!! Still looking for that black windowpane plaid duster!!

barbara said...

Great Post! I too live in ATL and have three pairs of white jeans- one I cuff, one is ankle length, and one fancy pair I had trim that would be used for drapes sewn on the bottom. I get so many compliments on them!
In my opinion, living here, I wear them all year, it depends on the way your style them.
Growing up in the midwest we would have NEVER worn white on our lower half past Labor Day...

Jen said...

No one styles white jeans as well as you!! In fact, you style everything great and make it look effortless!

Noelani said...

So chic! Love all of these looks, very effortless and classic. Your style is timeless!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, I love that you posted actual looks you wear! So inspiring and a lot of good ideas. I love following your outfits on Instagram stories. You have great style. I am with you that J.Crew white jean is my favorite too! Something about it just works and looks modern right? I should get multiples as like you said I am always getting Guacamole or something on mine!!

Fun doing this together!! xo

Sarah said...

Sherry, it's always so much fun to see your style! You put together looks that are accessible and affordable, and yet your personal spin on them gives that extra degree of chic. In my wildest imagination I might be a boho queen, but my reality tends more toward tailored and classic. You give me inspiration that I can pull off a look that is still on trend. I agree that the 9" J Crew crop flares are the epitome of white jean-dom. Long may they reign!

Ginger said...

Thanks for all the fabulous inspiration, I Love your style! Your writing is delightful and has me smiling! I need to check out the fave crop jeans

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