This was kind of a slow week for me....which was nice as I did not have a lot of appointments.  There was plenty of things to do on my computer and for clients....but I have to say that I rather prefer being out on appointments. It is too easy to get distracted when I am home:) 
You know like having a conversation with your dog.

One thing I am excited about is getting the green basement photographed soon...just waiting on a date from the team.

Also I will be headed to Hilton Head next week for a few days.  Meeting a possible new client over there....
I don't normally do out of town jobs because of  getting a dog sitter for Cami but I could take her in a pinch since my brother lives there. I think I have mentioned before that she is not the best in the car with this very shrill whine that puts me in a bad mood.

But I love her....

So here is a piece of art that I had commissioned from my friend Vickie Sides.....

Isn't it the cutest?  I framed it out very simple....and she just used craft paper.

Here is the bathroom and of course it will get hung.  I kind of wanted to pick up on the brown raffia color in the mirror!

Speaking of art I picked up these pieces at Scott's Antique market and now I'm hot to do a room around these colors:)

I will find somebody!

Picked out this pretty Schumacher wallpaper to go in a bedroom.....She is gonna be pretty!

Did the reverse here with dark grout and white penny tile!  I really like it.....what are your thoughts?

And I picked up this little basket at Scott's.  There is nothing more I like than texture with greenery.....

I also put together this wasn't selected but I would like to do my guest room with everything...not gonna happen but I love the camel, browns, and creams!

And I am very excited to finish up a laundry room with this time some good wallpaper coming also....see below!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  I want to purge my needs it so badly.  First thing I have to do is order some of those hanging racks but most of the ones I see on Amazon do not get good reviews.....very flimsy.  BUT.....I don't want to get the ones form Container Store that are 100.00 either.

I figure I need 2 cause the last time I did my closet I just took everything out and put it on my bed.  And can not mess around with that project cause it has to be addressed right away.

Otherwise you just start dumping it in bags to take to the Goodwill.....cause you are over it. 

Maybe after I finish this post I will do some more research on those racks.

Time to walk Cami...the rain has stopped....




Nashville Lady said...

hahaha, laughing because i'm in the process of cleaning out my closet and have 5 garbage bags of clothing, and haven't even started on shoes, bags, scarves, etc! Also, love all your work and on this post especially the shaped tile and wallpaper for the bath. beautiful!

barbara said...

Not sure if you found racks yet but I have had a $10 IKEA rack for years. It comes apart easily so I can put it away.
It is white and comes in 4 pieces I believe.

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