Well this is obviously late.  But.....you know the old saying....."better late than never" haha

I actually started this post on Thursday but somehow I got distracted....saw a squirrel or maybe a whole family.....who the heck knows.  Life with ADD.

I wanted to talk about wallpaper.  Seriously y'all it's so damn back in popularity.  I remember when I started in the "biz" it cost about 15.00 a roll to install.  Well.....now it's about the cost of a car payment to get a roll installed!  Talk about inflation....

But....it can add so much to a room.  Here are some favs I picked from a few different companies.

First up is Mitchell Black

All of these are from the Mrs. Paranjape collection and I think I have posted about this collection before but I love most of them!

I so love a good horizontal stripe paper!

This one is part of the Gray Malin collection and I found it pretty cool.....

Next up are some good papers I saw on Spoonflower.  I know....I always forget to look on that site but they have a gazillion selections which is probably why as it is just too overwhelming for me :)

So who doesn't love a good dog paper?

I am loving these few just to add some texture on the walls.  Easy to hang art or add a pattern with these.


Here is another cross paper....this is a very popular pattern everywhere!



Love this pattern as it reminds me of what I used in my LR refresh below.....

This indigo is flipping awesome!  Love it.

Now we head over to Designers Guild.  Normally their patterns are way too bold for me but I found two I really like!

This black and white floral reminds me of one of my favorite bedrooms below!

This picture is so old....but I still love.

And these 2 colorways below have my name on them right!


 And last one of my favorite companies that carry wallpaper....Schumacher.

Ok....this pattern.....Chenonceau is a really good one.
I have shown it so many times in presentations....

It comes in many colors....and this soft blue is a yes for me!

Another favorite pattern....Queen of Spain.  I am sure you have seen it in the black and white but I love how pretty it is in this soft blue!

Like I said earlier....love a pretty stripe.

And this pattern has me a little giddy!


Ok....who is ready to start wallpapering?  Better sell an organ for the labor....hee haw.

Any big plans for Saturday?  I need to get going if I am going to be productive today....but hey I'm not going to push it.

And who is wallpapering?  I know it got a bad rap back in the late 80's.  So hard to remove but they have figured out that to prepare the walls properly before installation really helps!  

Don't be scared y'all.

Alrighty then.  I'm out.



Anonymous said...

I love wallpaper until I remember how often I want to change it, and how hard it is to remove.

Anonymous said...

Why are you doing this to me?! ( wink) I just removed wallpaper in two bathrooms. Got two different estimates- both between 2-3K because they didn’t know what obstacles they would encounter. I bit the bullet and decided to removed it by myself. Took me 80 freakn hours. Now you’re making want to put it back up. Love, love a couple photos you posted. By the way, a late post from you is always better than no post at all! We love you! 💕

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see wallpaper being used again. I’ve always loved what it brings to a room! The hardest part is which pattern to pick because there are so many beautiful options. Wallpaper gives your space such a unique and cozy look....allows your room to look different than everyone else’s space. I think I love it most in a powder room, the den, and bedrooms!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful patterns! I've applied and removed wallpaper many times, but still willing to do it again as it adds so much!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Su-z said...

These are all lovely. I frequently find myself browsing Schumacher. I love the look of wallpaper, but also have bad memories of ugly/old wallpaper and removing it. One old house we lived in had 5 layers, one on top of the other. Then we brought a new house where the builder’s wife had picked out hideous wallpaper for all the bathrooms. Walls were not prepped properly and we ended up having to install new Sheetrock. Even though I hear that it’s not like that anymore, I just can’t bring myself to think about wallpaper in my house.

Bonnie Gutierrez said...

What a nice selection! I want to paper the MBR nd Bath, and the dining room

debra @ 5th and state said...

hey there, thanks for the "heavy lifting"....Spoonflower overwhelms me!

YES to wallpaper!


barbara said...

Just can't! I had a super cool house once, a mid-century gem! The previous owner was a designer who papered EVERYTHING! There was grasscloth paper that had turtles on it for one of the bathrooms...even on the ceiling!!! I had the pleasure of taking it all down, it still haunts me!
I do admit that wallpaper styles have come a long way

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry- Was looking through your website, the section about you...may want to update it

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