Well....I got all cocky about my last post!  I spent time planning it.....which is unusual for me lately.  

I mean I bet there are some bloggers who plan out all their post once a's a newsflash....that would not be me:)

I wing it.....which is par for my course.  And I am not proud of it.....but hey....I have been blogging for 11 years so I guess it's working....hahaha.

Why all the preface? planning for today.

But let's recap "yellowgate".

First things first....when I posted about 10 stories on Instagram a few people thought my Insta had been hacked.  Yeah.....because of course....I am not known for using color.

And when I put a poll up about it here is what I got!

So the no's have spoken.  And I did find a few more yellow images that I posted but I am going to give them to you in case you didn't see them!

A reader sent me the one above and that is definitely a wow moment!

But you know who used to use a lot of yellow????
Martha Stewart!

I posted this pretty Schumacher wallpaper and a reader sent me her laundry room!

This would be a pretty place to do laundry right!

And one more pretty room which proves that even if you aren't a fan it can be pretty in small doses!

Melanie Turner

OK....I'm done.  I do know how to beat a dead horse though right!

On Saturday Rose and I went to a [new to us] flea market called Highland Row.  Here are some of the highlights!

These chairs....

This was a great lamp....huge and just needed a new shade.

Saturday Night Fever!

Totally into this lamp!

I came home with this little vintage picture!

I make it sound like my week wasn't busy but crikey....taking Saturdays off lately has done me good.  I am overwhelmed with work right now which is crazy AND good at the same time. 

OK....but last thing.

This is the first thing I saw when I walked into West Elm on Sat.  

Just saying.

Oh and stop the press....I cooked on Sunday!

I found this recipe online but it's from one of the Love and Lemons cookbooks!  So dang easy y'all! more thing! I hired someone to clean my gutters....and I accidentally blew him a kiss when he texted me to say he was on the way....good Lord. 



Anonymous said...

I'm still ready for yellow, and sending you yellow love. Glad you put it out there.
Still TOB (tired of blue)

barbara said...

Highland Row is FAB!!! You never know what you will find. Follow them on IG

Love the kiss to the gutter cleaner. Noticed that he didn't reply to it! LOL

While I think yellow can be nice with charcoal, still nope from me

Saw some flowers on a walk the other day, spring is trying to tiptoe into the ATL!

Sarah said...

Hmmm, I am curious yellow. 😉 (You have to be fairly advanced in years to get this reference.) Twenty-plus years ago our daughter wanted her bedroom painted yellow, just like the shade in our neighbor's family room. We did our best to guess the paint color, but it ended up a hideous bright shade. After working on it for two days I said, "You hate it, don't you?" and she (being the sweetest) said, "Oh no, it's fine." I knew it wasn't remotely fine. The neighbors were on vacation, and we had the key to their house (this being that sort of neighborhood) so we rummaged through their garage, found the can of paint from their family room, and did a proper color match. It turned out warm and lovely and I still haven't changed it. Which quite horrifies her now that she's 34, lol.

celkalee said...

There was a time when yellow was my favorite color, I was 14. Even into my 20's I had bits here and there, even in clothes. Then none, nada. Now, if the shade of yellow is light and bright, balanced with some neutrals, much like some you have shown, it's good. Neutrals are so much easier and I think that why they are popular but more and more I am seeing pops of colors. Our world is so dark, we need some color.

AnneHH said...

As usual, I love everything about this post. Thank you!!

Chris said...

Ha ha-love the kiss ! Enjoyed your post as the way painted my living room yellow 20 yrs ago...kept it for quite a it is white. Have a good week !

cindy hattersley design said...

I used to love yellow! Our bedroom is color coated and it has a yellowish tinge. I have thought about changing it for years, but just kind of lived with it. I just filled the room with neutrals. I am glad the warmer neutrals are enjoying a comeback. I think it is covid. Color just seems happier!

Shannon Kirby Interiors said...

Do you remember the interiors of the late Myra Hoefer? She used yellow as accents for her white and gold scheme with fabulous results. She did the interiors for french apartment rentals through Chez Vous for years. Sure there must be examples on Pinterest.

I have always loved yellows, especially in kitchens. Makes me happy!

debra @ 5th and state said...

someone long ago told me if a certain color looks horrible on you, never add it to your home. yellow is my gag color, looking sick, major sick ,so when Pantone came out with yellow, said no way!
but love it in others home

so all the years I have come to atlanta, how have I missed this shop?!


Valerie Naples said...

Dying over that text! Thanks for making me giggle today!!

Su-z said...

That text is hilarious! Reminds me of many years ago when the cable guy called me to say he was on his way and signed off with “I love you!” Then the poor guy had to walk into my house. He said my voice sounded like his wife’s. 🤣🤣

I like the yellow pics. Forgot how much I liked Martha Stewart’s yellow rooms, too. We had lots of it in our old house - such a cheery hue. It is tough to find a good one, though. I went through 15 samples once. When we were first married we painted our bedroom yellow and it came out a hideously bright yellow. Just bought a can of white and mixed them and it turned out lovely.

Elstar said...

Love yellow! I’ve always loved yellow! Nothing more chic than black, white and yellow!

Diane Marie said...

I love yellow...the right yellow. When it's right it can be great. But man it is hard to get the right yellow for painting. My favorite way to use it is as an accent and it is safer when buying it in a product you can see and compare. I switch out accents as seasons, and micro seasons change, and have slightly different yellows for certain combinations...and sometimes the yellow has wait quietly in the closet. But I would never give it up. I somehow missed the voting but I would have been a strong yes in the love it box!

Anonymous said...

I love honey tones and have a good bit of that in my house (think of natural sisal color) but it has been less than two years since a well respected realtor here in ATL told me that I needed to get rid of my creamy yellow walls in a couple of rooms if I wanted to sell my house so NO given that I’m not ready to totally embrace yellow again!

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