Well.....I guess I should travel the country just taking a room full of furniture and putting a room together!

Thanks for all the good feedback and I have answers to your questions also....ur welcome.

**The white sofas are Mitchell Gold.  I am not sure they make the same model as these were purchased many years ago!

**I arranged those cookies and really it only took me 5 minutes:)

**The finger pull hardware on the dry bar are called Edge can find them here in many finishes.

**The rest of the kitchen cabinet Hardware are from Richelieu Hardware.

**The island pendants are from Circa Lighting and they are called the Goodman Pendant

**The floors are called Sellersburg Oak SBG38-507CH Cheyenne.  You can google....I found them.

And there you have it.  

I finally got it together to do a fashion post.....basically it is more of a capsule wardrobe of sorts.  After 68 years I have figured out that if I stick to basics then I can mix and match them and just add a scarf or some cute shoes to make a completely new outfit!  

I guess I'm a slow learner.....:)

Below is a great black and white look.  Seriously if you have 3 pairs of denim let them be black...white and a dark wash.  I mean that is almost all you need!

I have this black and white T is very oversized which I think looks good with skinny jeans.  I just do a small french tuck in the front.  And can we say Sneakers?  For real I wear them all the time and there are so many cute ones out there!

Below....again a good pair of black jeans! A taupe sweater and cute scarf.  Throw on the black Converse sneakers and some big fake diamond studs......go girl!

Here are the dark wash jeans that look great with everything and are more slimming than the lighter version.  I like a more mid-rise jean than the ones that go all the way up.  They are just more comfy to me.  

A pretty reasonable priced camel coat can elevate an outfit and will go with anything.  Grab the Converse white sneakers and that is all you need....I actually have the J Crew belt in both black and camel and wear them constantly !

A long sleeve T shirt is a must and I have this exact one in black and white from Target.  They are amazing.  A denim jacket goes with everything....all the basics but throw in those cute sneakers!

Take the white T shirt again and just add the camel sweater.  I have this J Crew Factory sweater in both camel and black and I wear them all the time.  You can usually find them for 50% off.

Beside a few pair of sneakers....the shoes below are all staples of a basic wardrobe.  I have those black booties and they are SO GOOD.  Comfy from the first day I put them on and they can elevate an outfit.  Always make sure if you wear with jeans to show a little bit of ankle.  I have similar mules and wore them all last spring and summer.  A pair of camel booties will also serve you well......

Suede Boots

A few more things to add to your wardrobe.....Everything but the linen shirt can be found at J Crew Factory but the linen shirt can be found here

I bet you can put together 30 different looks with these basics!

Alrighty to my work out [it's lower body day and I know it's gonna hurt]  and then get my second vaccine.

Happy Tuesday




Anonymous said...

Always look forward to your posts. This one was expensive!!! I’ve ordered 3 pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, a bag and a belt! Hope they look as good on me as they do on you! Hope you don’t have any side effects from your 2nd jab (I decided to pass on the vaccine) Enjoy your weekend !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question about the sofa; that young woman has good ta$te!

Jen said...

Your fashion posts are always some of my favorites! The sneakers I wanted are out of stock on your link, but I'll keep searching. Good luck with that second vaccine-we're having real difficulty getting even the first here in Oregon and I'm a few years older than you are. I'm happy that all my southern friends/family are able to get it!!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry I always love all your posts, but the fashion ones especially. I have bought many things and I love the black sneakers from Banana you recommended last year. I wear them a ton and get so many compliments. I love the beautiful basics as you have here. This is essentially a French girls' wardrobe. It's all we need! Good luck with the vaccine. So wonderful. The more of us that get this, the sooner we will be over this pandemic. Hugs, Kim

Linda Henderson said...

I always enjoy your posts. Thank you for the fashion ideas. I really like the simplicity and yet so stylish. More please. Glad you are getting the vaccine. I have had both of mine (Texas) and what a relief it was.

Karol said...

You are just the cutest. I'm buying everything you posted.

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