Well...we made it to 2021.....but just barely....limping over the finish line.  Whew!

I gotta say I did not do much during the week after Christmas.  Cami and I spent a lot of time together and well....that was alright with me.  I did a little organizing around the house [left over initiative from the "great office makeover of 2020"]. 

Which by the way I am still giddy over:)

Anyway just some updates from the last week.  

Part of the problem I declared myself housebound was because I started watching binging a series called A Place To Call Home.  It's set in Australia and is quite the story [7 seasons].  One small's on a channel called Acorn which of course I don't have so I am having to buy the seasons.  I am kind of OK with that because TV is really my only source of entertainment [besides rearranging my house].....cause: pandemic so there you have it.

Anywayyyyyy......let's recap the week.

I made the decision to try this coffee table in my LR and well.....if you saw on Instagram it might be a keeper.  Here's the thing.....I have been very into that amber color lately....and this just fueled that fever:)

Yesterday I headed to a clients with a new pillow and a nice wall of art.

Hard to tell but this was a HUGE wall and these did the trick!

I went over to my friend Tina's house just to visit and then we started rearranging everything.  Which was like a domino effect as that led to painting dining room chairs [her not me].  Then I said "hey I bet I have some fabric we can cover the seats with" and boy did I learn a lesson.  I have been doing this for 25 years and I never met a chair seat that did not pop off with 4 screws.......until now.

My suggestion might have been a little hasty when I said "don't worry about getting paint on the seat cover....I am sure there is a way to get them off".

Long story can be done but not as easily as I thought.

Still learning at 68.

I saw these colors on SW Instastory....all good neutrals from Sherwin Williams.  I have used most of them at one time or another!

I saw this great table for a client in a consignment store....[which she promptly bought] then I mentioned to her about painting the walls in her dining room black and boom....she sends me this picture.

Love an obedient client....haha.

I love having the space to play with fabrics in my office:)

I also discovered a new design duo......

Let's take a peek.....

I love all of the coziness they create!

The kitchen below killed me......seriously in love with the tile application!

Go check them out!

New Years Day I slipped away from binging....I felt like I might get bed sore’s if I didn't move around:)

Got dressed and went over to Sudi's for some chili!

So that is pretty much it.....just a little dump for ya of all things that are happening around here!

Oh yeah one last thing....some one asked me why this vent got covered up in the office....over the washer and dryer.  It was a useless vent from our old HVAC system....




Anonymous said...

Sherry, your blog is the absolute best. Please keep doing what you're doing. It is always inspiring and brings a smile. P.S. There's that amber color in almost every inspo photo in this post! It's so warm and welcoming mixed with black or other neutrals.

Margaret said...

I cannot remember how I found your blog but I’m glad I did.

Question, where can I find a coffee table like the amber colored wood grain wood? What wood is that? It’s gorgeous.

Also where are the landscape pictures from? Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love your art wall.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. That Aussie series is such a good story. Your outfit is cute from head to toe.

pdcal1 said...

I always get excited when I find a new blog entry from you. You are my inspiration! Keep moving forward. The best is yet to come!

Bobbie said...

Love your posts! Happy New Year

Maryv said...

Sherry, you can buy a monthly subscription to Acorn from Amazon. I thinks it’s less than $10 a month. You can also get BritBox (can you tell I’m an Anglophile?) too.
Love your blog.

Kathy said...

Sherry, The black dining room!!!!!! Can’t wait to see it finished!!! The table will be great in there! Wonder what rug you will choose & gorgeous art you will find. It’s going to be worth waiting for!!! Client’s gallery wall is perfection! So peaceful & calming! And perfect with the wall color! And, as always, you look M A R V E L O U S!!! Have a great day!

Karol said...

I love your blog but it's you as a person that keeps me coming back.

Jen said...

Loved A Place to Call Home and so many other series on Acorn! If all else fails, your friend could paint the fabric on those chairs; I'm sure you'll be able to remove it though. You can do anything!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that your client jumped right on painting her DR even before her Christmas tree was down! My kinda girl. I like your tennis shoes w/that outfit. Are they Roxy Bayshore? Pamela

Anonymous said...

Sherry, so glad to hear that you and Cami spent quality time together over the Holidays! Going through the process of getting a divorce takes a lot of energy. Then once it is final, there’s a whole new reality and getting used to the word that starts with the letter “D” You are a great person inside and out and so many of us are rooting for you! Looking FAB! Happy and Healthy 2021 to you!!! 🥳

Dena said...

Sherry, I love A Place to Call Home, your blog and that black dining room. Just gorgeous! I have been a reader for a while but I don't think I have ever commented. Just wanted to let you know how much I admire your stamina. I just can't imagine going through an unexpected divorce at my age (66). You are a strong survivor and I truly admire you. And, your sister's house that you updated on the ORC was my favorite and my inspiration when I recently updated my living and dining room. Happy New Year!

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