Dayum y' much love for the new coffee table:)

Thank you!

I have moved a few things around until I make up my mind.  The acrylic coffee table headed to the guest room as a bench stacked with books.  I moved the pigeon basket back to the family room where it was long ago....and now I have sufficient time to think about it.....which could be anywhere between 2 weeks and a year......give or take.

I don't like to be rushed ya know.....

Anyway......guess what?  I have some shelves to show you today.  From my house.  I know right....who am I?  Some crazy blogger?  Well I was looking at them on Christmas eve day and all of a sudden they were stripped down and I was cleaning them.  

Again....who the heck am I?

Here is the before!

Hot.  Damn.  Mess.

I had just been shoving crap on them and really not paying attention.  But hey....I am cutting myself some slack because we all do that right.

They aren't perfect yet but and I could have definitely weeded them out even more but in reality I use these everyday.  They were the only upper cabinets I had in my kitchen so I thought long and hard about removing them a few years ago.

I think I am an "over accessorizer" on shelves and sometimes I have to stand back and edit.....and maybe I am not there yet.... actuality these have to be functional for me and they are fitting that bill right now.

What I use on a daily basis is on the first shelf. Dishes and such.

I love finding pretty pottery and flea markets.....especially when it can actually be used for something:)

I have never regretted taking the cabinets down.....not one minute!

You are probably looking at the before and scratching your head thinking they don't look any different.....haha

At least they are dusted and washed so there's that.

Somebody asked about the basket on the DR table and I got it at a flea market.  I wish there had of been 2 of them:)

Last night in the middle of the night I woke up and one eye was stinging and watering to the point I could not even open the eye.  It was crazy and it went on for over 15-25 minutes.  I was freaking out thinking maybe a spider of small bug bit my eye and I was going to be blind.....I always take everything to the extreme.

It seems to be OK this morning but I have never experienced anything like that in my life....out of the clear blue!

I will be posting on Thursday instead of Friday this week....joining a few friends in discussing Design Trends for 2021!  They asked me 4 months ago and you would think I would be all organized and such but heck no.  

I have not even started the post yet which is a quality I hate about myself.

Hang in there people!



Sharon said...

I love your posts and am sure you will come up with something great for Thursday. Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Probably shouldn’t be distracting you with this post but I can’t help myself... you crack me up in every single one of your post! Now get busy with your Thursday’s project ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me hang in there! Your posts here and on Instagram are a BREATH OF FRESH AIR and welcome distraction. Always inspiration! :)

CynthiaB said...

Love the way your shelves look - practical, clean and attractive! In fact, I'm bookmarking this post so I can copy your ideas with my new open shelves on our new build (sometime in 2021 or later in the decade!!)

AnneHH said...

LOVE the way the shelves look after your restyling! Your different finishes and textures are a treat to the eye. Stunning! Looking forward to Thursday's post!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your eye, when we get older our eyes get dry, especially when we are sleeping. If something gets in your eye it can easily scratch your cornea. It will burn, your eye will water and it will feel like something is in your eye. If it still bothers you an ophthalmologist can give you a drop that will instantly take the pain away.
Carol H.

annie said...

Sherry! I am on board 100% with all of this and your examples are all what dreams are made of! I love the painted doors. the dark exteriors and interiors, backsplashes the same as countertops, the wood this has been something I have been thinking about ever since I had our base cabinets painted black and the painted white! First, what was I thinking? Black base cabinets in a kitchen with greasy fingerprints and all that? Wood cabinets (like you've shown) look stunning and would be so much more practical. At certain times of the day...I can't even look at my kitchen without hyperventilating! I adore your style Sherry!

dijoknows said...

I love reading your posts! I subscribe to several (too many) blogs and yours is the only one I sincerely look forward to reading. You have had a wretched year personally, yet you still keep it together and keep things real.
As all the followers have commented, I love your style!

Lewis Edwards said...

Glad to see your post. Really cool shelves. A few months back I built my new home. I purchased one Kitchen Cabinet from Oriental Creativity. I always believe that whichever style of the kitchen we choose that should meet our requirements the best in the kitchen. My cabinet is made of wood and its unique pattern speaks of its excellent craftsmanship. Really good shopping experience I've had.

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