Oh how I love you:)

So let's talk....there were some comments about my pillow choice for the sectional!  Listen I welcome all comments and thoughts for sure.  That is the thing about is very subjective!

Not going to lie.....I'm not really a red of course there was plenty-o-red in that rug!

It was my choice to neutralize it and you will see that there is plenty of red in the main living area adjacent to this room.....with a red rug!
And....I did start out with darker pillows but I changed my mind:)

Also....the coffee table is from Woodbridge furniture.  The console was purchased at Scott's Antique Market.

Today I have a few pictures of the last Ladisic Fine Homes project that I have been working on since February.  Architect was Linda MacArthur.

This house is actually in my getting to work was pretty easy:)  I shared with you the pictures of the recently installed curtains.

Here are pictures of the kitchen.

You've seen many of these on the "gram" but here they all are together.  The one above was taken standing in the scullery....right past the kitchen is the dining area and that doorway leads into the master bedroom.....

In the main kitchen the cabinets are SW Mindful Gray....yes my new fav color:)

The countertops are white quartz with a small amount of veining in them.

The island is painted Wrought Iron with brushed gold hardware from Emtek.

The sconces and pendants over the island are from Circa Lighting.  The hood is custom.

Leading into the scullery.  I switched it up a little with SW Pure White on the cabinets and Caesarstone raw concrete on the countertops.  Same black Emtek hardware.

The fridge and wall ovens are in there along with a second smaller DW.

Pretty neutral.....and classic.  They closed yesterday and move in today!  So exciting.

I am going to a wedding in Athens, Ga. this weekend...a little nervous about it but the wedding is outside so that is a good thing.

You know what I learned the other day?  To read directions to appliances.....yup.  That there is a filter in my fridge.  Who the hell knew that?

Um....never been changed in 10 years which is not exactly a good thing.  Small leak and some hardwood damage under the fridge but it could have been a lot worse.

Dayum.....owning a house is one darn thing after another.

Okey Dokey......



Karen said...

Oh, how I love the bits you shared of the new home near your home. I bet the owners are beyond excited to be moving in. I love your style!

debra @ 5th and state said...

Lucky owners to have had your style!

I am off today to look at the Raw Concrete countertop, loved seeing this is an install.

always something right? take care luv

Judy said...

Love your style -- and especially your personality. I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday posts from you. Question/request: I know your blog is mostly about interior design, but I LOVE any post or instagram image you do of your fashion style. I have LOVED every outfit you've ever posted, so please, please, please do more of that too??!!!??!!!

Team Powers said...

Can you tell me about the kitchen backsplash tile?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your frank "pillow talk". I was also surprised by your choices being so neutral with that rug. But what I liked about it was that it made think about balance in a design coming from things other than just color. Your blog makes me think about design and that is what keeps me coming back. Sometimes you do want to keep or use an item for sentimental or financial reasons but integrating it in a new way can bring it back to life.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say “ditto” to all the comments above?! Your blog is one of my faves! Have a wonderful wedding weekend.

barbara said...

When I was in my 20s I dated a guy with a designer mother. First designer I ever met! One of the things she told me about her job was that when a client was insistent on using something they already owned, asking her to incorporate it, it was difficult for her.
That rug is really bright so you toned it down with neutral pillows. Bravo!
This new house is gorgeous, you can't go wrong with fancy windows!
Have a grand weekend!

Deborah Bethay said...

Sherry, We read your blog because we like your style and love you! Never mind the snarky comments!

Anonymous said...

Classic, simple and beautiful.....Nice work! Love everything about it. Would those floors be white oak? Stained? Any info you could provide much appreciated.

Goldie Stetten said...

I own the same sconces as in your new project. Please let the owner know the interiors of the glass can ONLY be cleaned with a dry cloth or the Mercury drip will wipe right off with any touch of a cleaning solution, trust me, my cleaning girls did exactly that. Luckily I was able to reorder the glass bowls only, which were $200 each. It was a costly mistake. Your design is really good!

Anonymous said...

THAT window! Breathtaking. All your choices were just perfect. What lucky clients you have!

Unknown said...

I want it all.

Su-z said...

I liked your pillow choices with the rug. Red gets to be too much very quickly, and I think you did a great job integrating it into the room. You do such lovely work!

Dian Owens said...

That window makes my heart sing! You always choose the most beautiful lighting!

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